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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-04-05Development of carbon nanotube reinforced hydroxyapatite bioceramicsKealley, C; Ben-Nissan, B; Van Riessen, A; Elcombe, M
2006-01Sample preparation of a novel titanium-aluminium composite for EBSD analysisAttard, D; Wuhrer, R; Huggett, PG; Moran, K; Kotula, P; Scott, M; Gauvin, JH; Beniac, R; Lucas, D; McKernan, G; Shields, J
2006-08Oxaliplatin induces drug resistance more rapidly than cisplatin in H69 small cell lung cancer cells.Stordal, BK; Davey, MW; Davey, RA
2006-01A generalized transducing phage (phi IF3) for the genomically sequenced Serratia marcescens strain Db11: a tool for functional genomics of an opportunistic human pathogenPetty, N; Foulds, IJ; Pradel, E; Ewbank, JJ; Salmond, GP
2006-03-31The affinity of a major Ca2+ binding site on GRP78 is differentially enhanced by ADP and ATP.Lamb, HK; Mee, C; Xu, W; Liu, L; Blond, S; Cooper, A; Charles, IG; Hawkins, AR
2006-03-01Simulation of water levels and water diversions in a subtropical coastal wetlandRestrepo, JI; Garces, D; Montoya, A; Restrepo, N; Giddings, J
2006-12-01X-ray mapping of metallic elements in roll bonded metal laminatesWuhrer, R; Lee, M; Moran, K; Yeung, WY
2006-08-01New integron-associated gene cassette encoding a trimethoprim-resistant DfrB-type dihydrofolate reductaseLevings, RS; Lightfoot, D; Elbourne, LDH; Djordjevic, SP; Hall, RM
2006-09-01Quantitative bulk and trace element X-ray mapping using multiple detectorsMoran, K; Wuhrer, R
2006-11-01Requirement for the cell division protein DivIB in polar cell division and engulfment during sporulation in Bacillus subtilisThompson, LS; Beech, PL; Real, G; Henriques, AO; Harry, EJ
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