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2007-09Fluorescent labeling of tRNAs for dynamics experiments.Betteridge, T; Liu, H; Gamper, H; Kirillov, S; Cooperman, BS; Hou, Y-M
2007-12Point injection as an alternative acupuncture technique--an exploratory study of responses in healthy subjects.Strudwick, MW; Hinks, RC; Choy, STB
2007-01Context-dependent risk tolerance of the bicolor damselfish (Stegastes partitus): courtship behavior in the presence of fish and egg predatorsFigueira, WF; Lyman, SJ
2007-09-01Outcomes of acutely ill older hospitalized patients following implementation of tailored models of care: A repeated measures (pre- and post-intervention) designChang, E; Hancock, K; Hickman, L; Glasson, J; Davidson, P
2007-01Psychological adaptation to ICDs and the influence of anxiety sensitivityLemon, J; Edelman, S
2007-01Direct manipulation of behaviour reveals a mechanism for variation in growth and mortality among prey populationsBiro, P; Abrahams, MV; Post, JR
2007-01-01SGI1-K, a variant of the SGI1 genomic island carrying a mercury resistance region, in Salmonella enterica serovar KentuckyLevings, RS; Partridge, SR; Djordjevic, SP; Hall, RM
2007-07-01Accumulation and transport behaviour of <sup>241</sup>americium, <sup>60</sup>cobalt and <sup>134</sup>cesium by eggs of the spotted dogfish Scyliorhinus caniculaJeffree, RA; Oberhansli, F; Teyssie, JL
2007-01Evaluation of the utility of water quality based indicators of estuarine condition in NSW, AustraliaScanes, P; Coade, G; Doherty, M; Hill, R
2007-01A decline in the abundance and condition of a native bivalve associated with Caulerpa taxifolia invasionWright, JT; McKenzie, L; Gribben, PE
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