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2008-11-01Identification and characterisation of coding tandem repeat variants in incA gene of Chlamydophila pecorumMohamad, KY; Rekiki, A; Myers, G; Bavoil, PM; Rodolakis, A
2008-01Dynamics Of Genome Rearrangement In Bacterial PopulationsDarling, AE; Miklos, I; Ragan, M
2008-01Microstrain in hydroxyapatite carbon nanotube composites.Kealley, C; Elcombe, M; van Riessen, A
2008-04-22Novel reptilian uncoupling proteins: Molecular evolution and gene expression during cold acclimationSchwartz, TS; Murray, S; Seebacher, F
2008-01Character play - The use of game characters in multi-player role-playing games across platformsTychsen, A; Hitchens, M; Brolund, TM
2008-03-01Self-assembled monolayers as a base for immunofunctionalisation: unequal performance for protein and bacteria detectionBaldrich, E; Laczka, O; del Campo, FJ; Xavier Munoz, F
2008-01Spinal Cord Injury and its Association with Negative Psychological StatesCraig, AR; Tran, YH; Lovas, JM; Middleton, J
2008-07-01SGI2, a relative of Salmonella genomic island SGI1 with an independent originLevings, RS; Djordjevic, SP; Hall, RM
2008-08-01A rational nomenclature for naming peptide toxins from spiders and other venomous animalsKing, GF; Gentz, MC; Escoubas, P; Nicholson, GM
2008-01-01Constraints on physiological function associated with branch architecture and wood density in tropical forest treesMeinzer, FC; Campanello, PI; Domec, JC; Gatti, MG; Goldstein, G; Villalobos-Vega, R; Woodruff, DR
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