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2009-12-17Long-term changes in temperate Australian coastal waters: Implications for phytoplanktonThompson, PA; Baird, ME; Ingleton, T; Doblin, MA
2009-07-01Discriminating between intra- and extracellular metals using chemical extractions: an update on the case of ironHassler, CS; Schoemann, V
2009-08-01Investigating GABA and its function in platelets as compared to neuronsKaneez, FS; Saeed, SA
2009-01Moderate Heat Stress Reduces The Ph Component Of The Transthylakoid Proton Motive Force In Light-adapted, Intact Tobacco LeavesZhang, R; Cruz, J; Kramer, D; Magallanes-lundback, M; Dellapenna, D; Sharkey, T
2009-09-01SEtHyS_Savannah: A multiple source land surface model applied to Sahelian landscapesSaux-Picart, S; Ottlé, C; Perrier, A; Decharme, B; Coudert, B; Zribi, M; Boulain, N; Cappelaere, B; Ramier, D
2009-09-01Differential accumulation of paralytic shellfish toxins from Alexandrium minutum in the pearl oyster, Pinctada imbricataMurray, SA; O'Connor, WA; Alvin, A; Mihali, TK; Kalaitzis, J; Neilan, BA
2009-02-06Reversible Antimicrobial Photoswitching in NanosilverGunawan, C; Teoh, WY; Marquis, CP; Lifia, J; Amal, R
2009-08-01Reordering contigs of draft genomes using the Mauve AlignerRissman, AI; Mau, B; Biehl, BS; Darling, AE; Glasner, JD; Perna, NT
2009-03-01Divergence without difference: Phylogenetics and taxonomy of Chlamydia resolvedStephens, RS; Myers, G; Eppinger, M; Bavoil, PM
2009-09-07First clinical case of a locally acquired carbapenem-resistant VIM-1 metallo-β-lactamase in Pseudomonas aeruginosa in AustraliaMerlino, J; Stokes, HW; Cheong, EYL; Gottlieb, T
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