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Jan-2010Metals and metalloids in terrestrial systems: bioaccumulation, biomagnification and subsequent adverse effectsMann, RM; Vijver, M; Peijnenburg, W; Sanchez-Bayo, F; van den Brink, PJ; Mann, RM
Jan-2010Quantitative imaging of element spatial distribution in the brain section of a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease using synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence analysisWang, H; Wang, M; Wang, B; Meng, X; Wang, Y; Li, M; Feng, W; Zhao, Y; Chai, Z
2010Troponin based studies in search of a biomarker for cardiac arrestGhazal, P; Fatima Shad, K; Sidduiqui, N
Jan-2010ICP-MS-Based strategies for protein quantificationWang, M; Feng, W; Zhao, Y; Chai, Z
Jan-2010AusCover CALVAL: Coordinating Australian activities in calibration and validationJones, S; Malthus, TJ; Held, A; Reinke, K; Farmer, E; Devadas, R; Kunkee, D; Gamba, P
1-Aug-2010Limits to prediction in a size-resolved pelagic ecosystem modelBaird, ME
1-Dec-2010Increasing model structural complexity inhibits the growth of initial condition errorsBaird, ME; Suthers, IM
Jan-2010Small Within-Day Increases In Temperature Affects Boldness And Alters Personality In Coral Reef FishBiro, P; Beckmann, C; Stamps, J
Jan-2010Variable direct and indirect effects of a habitat-modifying invasive species on mortality of native faunaByers, JE; Wright, JT; Gribben, PE
Jul-2010Substrate specificity of the mitochondrial thioredoxin reductase of the parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortusHudson, AL; Sotirchos, IM; Davey, MW
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