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2012-11The identification of global patterns and unique signatures of proteins across 14 environments using outer membrane proteomics of bacteria.Schliep, M; Ryall, B; Ferenci, T
2012-10-15Preference for feeding at habitat edges declines among juvenile blue crabs as oyster reef patchiness increases and predation risk growsMacreadie, PI; Geraldi, NR; Peterson, CH
2012-01-01NPC: An online model to improve prescribing skills of health care professional students in AustraliaReyna, J; Khanal, S
2012-11-01Source of angiopoietin-2 in the sera of women during pregnancyWoolnough, C; Wang, Y; Kan, CY; Morris, JM; Tasevski, V; Ashton, AW
2012-03-01Study-MATE: Using text messaging to support student transition to university studyCahir, J; Huber, E; Handal, B; Dutch, J; Nixon, M
2012-05-14Light transmission of the marine diatom Coscinodiscus wailesiiHsu, SH; Paoletti, C; Torres, M; Ritchie, RJ; Larkum, AWD; Grillet, C
2012-03-01Combining citizen science, bioclimatic envelope models and observed habitat preferences to determine the distribution of an inconspicuous, recently detected introduced bee (Halictus smaragdulus Vachal Hymenoptera: Halictidae) in AustraliaAshcroft, MB; Gollan, JR; Batley, M
2012-06-01Are humans increasing bacterial evolvability?Gillings, MR; Stokes, HW
2012Cyclin D1 in ASM Cells from Asthmatics Is Insensitive to Corticosteroid Inhibition.Allen, JC; Seidel, P; Schlosser, T; Ramsay, EE; Ge, Q; Ammit, AJ
2012-05-28Fitting pareto distribution with hyperexponential to evaluate the arl for cusum chartPetcharat, K; Areepong, Y; Sukparungsee, S; Mititelu, G
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