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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012Spatio-temporal surface soil heat flux estimates from satellite data; results for the AMMA experiment at the Fakara (Niger) supersiteVerhoef, A; Ottlé, C; Cappelaere, B; Murray, T; Saux-Picart, S; Zribi, M; Maignan, F; Boulain, N; Demarty, J; Ramier, D
1-Nov-2012Weight status and weight-related behaviors of children commencing schoolHardy, LL; King, L; Hector, D; Lloyd, B
Feb-2012The Design of a Meta-Evaluation Study of Learning and Teaching Projects in Higher EducationHuber, E; Harvey, M
19-Nov-2012Expanding the horizons of professional learning: A foundations alumni networkHarvey, M; Huber, E
1-Jan-2012Leading by Example: The start of a journey towards transformation of teaching practice in the online spaceHuber, E; An, S
2012Reflection, Speed Dating, and Word Clouds Evaluating a writing group for early-career researchersBosanquet, A; McNeill, M; Huber, E; Cahir, J; Jacenyik-Trawoger, C
1-Mar-2012Study-MATE: Using text messaging to support student transition to university studyCahir, J; Huber, E; Handal, B; Dutch, J; Nixon, M
6-Mar-2012Experimental evidence of deep infiltration under sandy flats and gullies in the SahelDescroix, L; Laurent, JP; Vauclin, M; Amogu, O; Boubkraoui, S; Ibrahim, B; Galle, S; Cappelaere, B; Bousquet, S; Mamadou, I; Le Breton, E; Lebel, T; Quantin, G; Ramier, D; Boulain, N
1-May-2012Is water availability really the main environmental factor controlling the phenology of woody vegetation in the central Sahel?Seghieri, J; Carreau, J; Boulain, N; de Rosnay, P; Arjounin, M; Timouk, F
1-Jan-2012Mitochondrial DNA analyses of the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) from the Northern Territory of AustraliaLuck, NL; Thomas, KC; Morin-Adeline, VE; Barwick, S; Chong, AY; Carpenter, EL; Wan, L; Willet, CE; Langford-Salisbury, SM; Abdelsayd, M; Ang, RA; Atkinson, SJ; Barcelo, FG; Booth, ME; Bradbury, EJ; Branighan, TL; Brown, J; Castillo, LE; Chandler, ND; Chong, JY; Collits, KJ; Cook, E; Cruz, RE; Farrugia, CA; Fletcher, JL; Fletcher, S; Gamaliel, NS; Gurr, JF; Hallett, NJ; Hargreaves, G; Harris, T; Hollings, S; Hopcroft, RL; Johinke, D; Kern, PL; Kiddell, JL; Kilby, KE; Kragic, B; Kwan, JH; Lee, JI; Liang, JM; Lillie, MC; Lui, BC; Luk, SW; Lun, KH; Marshall, KL; Marzec, JA; Masters, KT; Mazurkijevic, LJ; Medlock, J; Meoli, C; Morris, KM; Noh, YH; Okazaki, H; Orourke, TJ; Payne, EM; Powell, DJ; Quinlivan, AR; Reeves, TJ; Robson, K; Robson, KL; Royle, LJ; Stevenson, R; Sellens, T; Sun, Z; Sutton, AL; Swan, A; Tang, JM; Tinker, JE; Tomlinson, SC; Wilkin, T; Wright, AL; Xiao, ST; Yang, J; Yee, C; Jaratlerdsiri, W; Isberg, SR; Miles, L; Higgins, D; Lane, A; Gongora, J
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