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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01A Kinetic Model Of Rapidly Reversible Nonphotochemical QuenchingZaks, J; Amarnath, K; Kramer, D; Niyogi, K; Fleming, G
2012-07-01Imaging of surface O <inf>2</inf> dynamics in corals with magnetic micro optode particlesFabricius-Dyg, J; Mistlberger, G; Staal, M; Borisov, SM; Klimant, I; Kühl, M
2012-01-01The southward transport of sub-mesoscale lenses of Bass Strait Water in the centre of anti-cyclonic mesoscale eddiesBaird, ME; Ridgway, KR
2012-01-01Effect of the light regime and phototrophic conditions on growth of the H<inf>2</inf>-producing green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiTamburic, B; Zemichael, FW; Maitland, GC; Hellgardt, K
2012-01-01Optimisation of a fast DMS sensor (FDS) for real time quantification of dimethyl sulfide production by algaeGreen, BC; Suggett, DJ; Hills, A; Steinke, M
2012-08-01Metaproteogenomic analysis of a community of sponge symbiontsLiu, M; Fan, L; Zhong, L; Kjelleberg, S; Thomas, T
2012-12-01Google docs in higher educationReyna, J
2012-05-01Mrbayes 3.2: Efficient bayesian phylogenetic inference and model choice across a large model spaceRonquist, F; Teslenko, M; Van Der Mark, P; Ayres, DL; Darling, A; Höhna, S; Larget, B; Liu, L; Suchard, MA; Huelsenbeck, JP
2012-06-01Australian normative data for the Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of StutteringBlumgart, E; Tran, Y; Scott Yaruss, J; Craig, A
2012-01-01The effect of standard heat and filtration processing procedures on antimicrobial activity and hydrogen peroxide levels in honeyChen, C; Campbell, LT; Blair, SE; Carter, DA
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