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2015-06-16Fires increase Amazon forest productivity through increases in diffuse radiationRap, A; Spracklen, DV; Mercado, L; Reddington, CL; Haywood, JM; Ellis, RJ; Phillips, OL; Artaxo, P; Bonal, D; Restrepo Coupe, N; Butt, N
2015-01-01SBMDb: First whole genome putative microsatellite DNA marker database of sugarbeet for bioenergy and industrial applicationsIquebal, MA; Jaiswal, S; Angadi, UB; Sablok, G; Arora, V; Kumar, S; Rai, A; Kumar, D
2015-01-01A new broad specificity alkaline metalloprotease from a Pseudomonas sp. isolated from refrigerated milk: Role of calcium in improving enzyme productivityErtan, H; Cassel, C; Verma, A; Poljak, A; Charlton, T; Aldrich-Wright, J; Omar, SM; Siddiqui, KS; Cavicchioli, R
2015-03-06An investigation of antitumor efficiency of novel sustained and targeted 5-fluorouracil nanoparticlesLe, VM; Wang, JJ; Yuan, M; Nguyen, TL; Yin, GF; Zheng, YH; Shi, WB; Lang, MD; Xu, LM; Liu, JW
2015-01-01The use of fresh and saline water sources by the mangrove Avicennia marinaSantini, NS; Reef, R; Lockington, DA; Lovelock, CE
2015-01-01Swabs to genomes: A comprehensive workflowDunitz, MI; Lang, JM; Jospin, G; Darling, AE; Eisen, JA; Coil, DA
2015-08-24The lung communication networkLosa, D; Chanson, M
2015-06-24Using Mobile Applications for Paperless Assignments in Mathematics: A Pilot StudyReyna Zeballos, JL; Markowskei, A
2015-06-01DdrO is an essential protein that regulates the radiation desiccation response and the apoptotic-like cell death in the radioresistant Deinococcus radiodurans bacteriumDevigne, A; Ithurbide, S; Bouthier de la Tour, C; Passot, F; Mathieu, M; Sommer, S; Servant, P
2015-05-18Increased seawater temperature increases the abundance and alters the structure of natural Vibrio populations associated with the coral Pocillopora damicornisTout, J; Siboni, N; Messer, LF; Garren, M; Stocker, R; Webster, NS; Ralph, PJ; Seymour, JR
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