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2016-01-01Patterning of the MinD cell division protein in cells of arbitrary shape can be predicted using a heuristic dispersion relationWalsh, JC; Angstmann, CN; McGann, AV; Henry, BI; Duggin, IG; Curmi, PMG
2016Enhancing engagement in flipped learning across undergraduate Science using the Flipped Teacher and Flipped Learner FrameworkDavila, YC; Reyna Zeballos, J; Huber, E; Meier, P
2016-04-01Energy cost and putative benefits of cellular mechanisms modulating buoyancy in aflagellate marine phytoplanktonLavoie, M; Raven, JA; Levasseur, M
2016-01-01Indole-3-acetic acid is produced by Emiliania huxleyi coccolith-bearing cells and triggers a physiological response in bald cellsLabeeuw, L; Khey, J; Bramucci, AR; Atwal, H; De La Mata, AP; Harynuk, J; Case, RJ
2016-09-20Why is Asari (=Manila) clam Ruditapes philippinarum fitness poor in Arcachon Bay: A meta-analysis to answer?de Montaudouin, X; Lucia, M; Binias, C; Lassudrie, M; Baudrimont, M; Legeay, A; Raymond, N; Jude-Lemeilleur, F; Lambert, C; Le Goïc, N; Garabetian, F; Gonzalez, P; Hégaret, H; Lassus, P; Mehdioub, W; Bourasseau, L; Daffe, G; Paul-Pont, I; Plus, M; Do, VT; Meisterhans, G; Mesmer-Dudons, N; Caill-Milly, N; Sanchez, F; Soudant, P
2016-11-01Chloroplast genomics: Expanding resources for an evolutionary conserved miniature molecule with enigmatic applicationsSablok, G; Mudunuri, SB; Edwards, D; Ralph, PJ
2016-03-01Development and validation of a high pressure liquid Chromatography-UV method for the determination of treosulfan and its epoxy metabolites in human plasma and its application in pharmacokinetic studiesKoyyalamudi, SR; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Nath, CE; Byrne, JA; Fraser, CJ; O'brien, TA; Earl, JW; Shaw, PJ
2016-01-20The biochemical toxin arsenal from ant venomsTouchard, A; Aili, SR; Fox, EGP; Escoubas, P; Orivel, J; Nicholson, GM; Dejean, A
2016-11-01Radar-based rainfall erosivity and hillslope erosion modelling in a burnt national park after storm eventsYang, X; Zhu, Q; Yu, B; Sun, L
2016Socially integrating PR and operationalising an alternative approachMacnamara, JR; L'Etang, J; McKike, D; Snow, N; Xifra, J
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