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8-Jul-2017Systematic review on the use of autologous matrix-induced chondrogenesis for the repair of articular cartilage defects in patientsShaikh, N; Seah, MKT; Khan, WS
1-Dec-2017Cephalosporins: pharmacology and chemistryShahbaz, K
1-Jul-2017The Need to Imbue Career Education in Curricula: A Critical Review of National Education Policy of PakistanShahbaz, K; Shahbaz, K
1-Oct-2017Resistance wheel exercise from mid-life has minimal effect on sciatic nerves from old mice in which sarcopenia was preventedKrishnan, VS; White, Z; Terrill, JR; Hodgetts, SI; Fitzgerald, M; Shavlakadze, T; Harvey, AR; Grounds, MD
1-Jan-2017Salicylic acid (SA)-eluting bone regeneration scaffolds with interconnected porosity and local and sustained SA releaseYu, W; Bajorek, J; Jayade, S; Miele, A; Mirza, J; Rogado, S; Sundararajan, A; Faig, J; Ferrage, L; Uhrich, KE
14-Dec-2017Glutathione enhances antibiotic efficiency and effectiveness of DNase I in disrupting Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms while also inhibiting pyocyanin activity, thus facilitating restoration of cell enzymatic activity, Confluence and ViabilityDas, T; Simone, M; Ibugo, AI; Witting, PK; Manefield, M; Manos, J
1-May-2017Reflecting on higher education evaluation praxis : an empirical studyHuber, E
1-Jan-2017Introducing a new learning and teaching evaluation planning framework for small internally funded projects in higher educationHuber, E
3-Jul-2017Engaging with academic integrity: A focus on the teacherHuber, E; Coady, O
Jul-2017Addressing tensions that exist when making objective evaluative judgements in small learning and teaching projects in higher educationHuber, E
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