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30-Jan-2018Ferrous ion as reducing agent in the generation of antibiofilm nitric oxide from copper-based catalytic system.Wonoputri, V; Gunawan, C; Liu, S; Barraud, N; Yee, LH; Lim, M; Amal, R
15-Feb-2018Nanosilver and the microbiological activity of the particulate solids versus the leached soluble silver.Faiz, MB; Amal, R; Marquis, CP; Harry, EJ; Sotiriou, GA; Rice, SA; Gunawan, C
2018The ‘Partnership Identity’ in Higher Education: Moving From ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ to ‘We’ in Student-Staff PartnershipMercer-Mapstone, L; Marquis, B; McConnell, C
11-Jan-2018A Practical Model for Implementing Digital Media Assessments in Tertiary Science EducationReyna Zeballos, JL; Meier, P
14-Mar-2018Learners as Co-Creators of Knowledge Using Digital MediaReyna Zeballos, JL
2-Jan-2018What makes stakeholder engagement in social licence “meaningful”? Practitioners’ conceptualisations of dialogueMercer-Mapstone, LD; Rifkin, W; Moffat, K; Louis, W
20-May-2018Company-community dialogue builds relationships, fairness, and trust leading to social acceptance of Australian mining developmentsMercer-Mapstone, L; Rifkin, W; Louis, WR; Moffat, K
28-Mar-2018Textile Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution using Modified Graphite Waste/Lanthanum/Chitosan CompositeKusrini, E; Wicaksono, B; Yulizar, Y; Prasetyanto, EA; Gunawan, C
3-Jul-2018D-optimal orthogonal array minus t run designsStreet, DJ; Bird, EM
1-Jan-2018Complete enumeration of all geometrically non-isomorphic three-level orthogonal arrays in 18 runsBird, EM; Street, DJ
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