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2019-12-01Conversion of snail shells (Achatina achatina) acclimatized in Benin to calcium phosphate for medical and engineering useBonou, SAS; Sagbo, E; Aubry, C; Charvillat, C; Ben-Nissan, B; Cazalbou, S
2019-05-01The bacterial DNA binding protein matp involved in linking the nucleoid terminal domain to the divisome at midcell interacts with lipid membranesMonterroso, B; Zorrilla, S; Sobrinos-Sanguino, M; Robles-Ramos, MÁ; Alfonso, C; Söderström, B; Meiresonne, NY; Verheul, J; Den Blaauwen, T; Rivas, G
2019-08-01Russian olive habitat along an arid river supports fewer bird species, functional groups and a different species composition relative to mixed vegetation habitatsMahoney, SM; Smith, ANB; Motyka, PJ; Lundgren, EJ; Winton, RR; Stevens, B; Johnson, MJ
2019-09-16What’s in a Name? Unpacking Students’ Roles in Higher Education through Neoliberal and Social Justice LensesDollinger, M; Mercer-Mapstone, L
2019-07-19A Systematic Study of Metal Triflates in Catalytic Transformations of Glucose in Water and Methanol: Identifying the Interplay of Brønsted and Lewis AcidityBodachivskyi, I; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Williams, DBG
2019-01-01Resolving conservation and development tensions in a small island state: A governance analysis of Curieuse Marine National Park, SeychellesClifton, J; Osman, EO; Suggett, DJ; Smith, DJ
2019-01-01Citizen-science for the future: Advisory case studies from around the globeSimoniello C; Jencks J; Lauro FM; Loftis JD; Weslawski JM; Deja K; Forrest DR; Gossett S; Jeffries TC; Jensen RM; Kobara S; Nolan L; Ostrowski M; Pounds D; Roseman G; Basco O; Gosselin S; Reed A; Wills P; Wyatt D
2019-02-01Coral microbiome diversity reflects mass coral bleaching susceptibility during the 2016 El Niño heat waveGardner, SG; Camp, EF; Smith, DJ; Kahlke, T; Osman, EO; Gendron, G; Hume, BCC; Pogoreutz, C; Voolstra, CR; Suggett, DJ
2019-12-01Visual Design: A Form of Science or Art for Learning in the Digital Age?Reyna Zeballos, J
2019-01-01Identification of novel natural substrates of fibroblast activation protein-alpha by differential degradomics and proteomicsZhang, HE; Hamson, EJ; Koczorowska, MM; Tholen, S; Chowdhury, S; Bailey, CG; Lay, AJ; Twigg, SM; Lee, Q; Roediger, B; Biniossek, ML; O'Rourke, MB; McCaughan, GW; Keane, FM; Schilling, O; Gorrell, MD
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