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2021-01-01Modelling the impact of phytoplankton cell size and abundance on inherent optical properties (IOPs) and a remotely sensed chlorophyll-a productLaiolo, L; Matear, R; Soja-Woźniak, M; Suggett, DJ; Hughes, DJ; Baird, ME; Doblin, MA
2021-01-01Heuristics for flights arrival scheduling at airportsAhmadian, MM; Salehipour, A
2021-01-26Application of Plasma-Printed Paper-Based SERS Substrate for Cocaine Detection.Alder, R; Hong, J; Chow, E; Fang, J; Isa, F; Ashford, B; Comte, C; Bendavid, A; Xiao, L; Ostrikov, KK; Fu, S; Murphy, AB
2021-03Characterisation of novel regulatory sequences compatible with modular assembly in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutumWindhagauer, M; Abbriano, RM; Ashworth, J; Barolo, L; Jaramillo-Madrid, AC; Pernice, M; Doblin, MA
2021-01-01We Are One: Multispecies Metabolism of a Biofilm Consortium and Their Treatment StrategiesJoshi, RV; Gunawan, C; Mann, R
2021-01-28Factors affecting the production and measurement of hydrogen peroxide in honey samplesGuttentag, A; Krishnakumar, K; Cokcetin, N; Harry, E; Carter, D
2021-02-05Methyl Jasmonate and Methyl-β-Cyclodextrin Individually Boost Triterpenoid Biosynthesis in <i>Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii</i> UVM4.Commault, AS; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Herdean, A; Fabris, M; Jaramillo-Madrid, AC; Abbriano, RM; Ralph, PJ; Pernice, M
2021-02-04Temporal Patterns and Intra- and Inter-Cellular Variability in Carbon and Nitrogen Assimilation by the Unicellular Cyanobacterium Cyanothece sp. ATCC 51142Polerecky, L; Masuda, T; Eichner, M; Rabouille, S; Vancová, M; Kienhuis, MVM; Bernát, G; Bonomi-Barufi, J; Campbell, DA; Claquin, P; Červený, J; Giordano, M; Kotabová, E; Kromkamp, J; Lombardi, AT; Lukeš, M; Prášil, O; Stephan, S; Suggett, D; Zavřel, T; Halsey, KH
2021-01-11Coral growth, survivorship and return-on-effort within nurseries at high-value sites on the Great Barrier Reef.Howlett, L; Camp, EF; Edmondson, J; Henderson, N; Suggett, DJ
2021-01-27Treadmilling FtsZ polymers drive the directional movement of sPG-synthesis enzymes via a Brownian ratchet mechanism.McCausland, JW; Yang, X; Squyres, GR; Lyu, Z; Bruce, KE; Lamanna, MM; Söderström, B; Garner, EC; Winkler, ME; Xiao, J; Liu, J
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