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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Harmful Algae Introductions: Vectors of Transfer, Mitigation, and ManagementMurray, SA; Hallegraeff, G; Shumway, S; Burkholder, JA; Morton, S
2020-06Convection and the Extracellular Matrix Dictate Inter- and Intra-Biofilm Quorum Sensing Communication in Environmental Systems.Tan, CH; Oh, H-S; Sheraton, VM; Mancini, E; Joachim Loo, SC; Kjelleberg, S; Sloot, PMA; Rice, SA
2021-01-21Coupled task scheduling with time-dependent processing timesKhatami, M; Salehipour, A
2020-07-01Microbially influenced corrosion—Any progress?Little, BJ; Blackwood, DJ; Hinks, J; Lauro, FM; Marsili, E; Okamoto, A; Rice, SA; Wade, SA; Flemming, HC
2020-07Effect of probiotics on multi-resistant organism colonisation in persons with spinal cord injury: secondary outcome of ProSCIUTTU, a randomised placebo-controlled trial.Toh, S-L; Lee, BB; Simpson, JM; Rice, SA; Kotsiou, G; Marial, O; Ryan, S
2020-05-01Environmental drivers that influence microalgal species in meltwater pools on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, AntarcticaSutherland, DL; Howard-Williams, C; Ralph, P; Hawes, I
2020Light-Harvesting in Cyanobacteria and Eukaryotic Algae: An OverviewLarkum, AWD
2020-07-30Nitrite production by ammonia-oxidizing bacteria mediates chloramine decay and resistance in a mixed-species community.Keshvardoust, P; Huron, VAA; Clemson, M; Barraud, N; Rice, SA
2020-04Protozoa hosts lead to virulence.McDougald, D; Longford, SR
2020-07-07Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Anthraniloyl-AMP Mimics as PQS Biosynthesis Inhibitors Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Resistance.Sabir, S; Subramoni, S; Das, T; Black, DS; Rice, SA; Kumar, N
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