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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-02Short-term fate of seagrass and macroalgal detritus in Arenicola marina bioturbated sedimentsThomson ACG; Kristensen E; Valdemarsen T; Quintana CO
2020-02-01Evaluation of Ebselen-azadioxatriangulenium as redox-sensitive fluorescent intracellular probe and as indicator within a planar redox optodeKoren K; Gravesen Salinas NK; Santella M; Moßhammer M; Müller MC; Dmitriev RI; Borisov SM; Kühl M; Laursen BW
2020-11-09Viscosity of cohesive granular flows.Macaulay M; Rognon P
2002-01Can we call behaviours addictive?Lemon, J
2020-01The SiaABC threonine phosphorylation pathway controls biofilm formation in response to carbon availability in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Poh W-H; Lin J; Colley B; Müller N; Goh BC; Schleheck D; El Sahili A; Marquardt A; Liang Y; Kjelleberg S; Lescar J; Rice SA; Klebensberger J
2020-01Evolution, Microbes, and Changing Ocean Conditions.Collins S; Boyd PW; Doblin MA; Carlson CA; Giovannoni SJ
2020-01Substrate stabilisation and small structures in coral restoration: State of knowledge, and considerations for management and implementation.Ceccarelli DM; McLeod IM; Boström-Einarsson L; Bryan SE; Chartrand KM; Emslie MJ; Gibbs MT; Gonzalez Rivero M; Hein MY; Heyward A; Kenyon TM; Lewis BM; Mattocks N; Newlands M; Schläppy M-L; Suggett DJ; Bay LK
2020-05-01Boosting photocatalytic activities of BiVO<inf>4</inf> by creation of g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf>/ZnO@BiVO<inf>4</inf> HeterojunctionMohamed NA; Safaei J; Ismail AF; Khalid MN; Mohd Jailani MFA; Noh MFM; Arzaee NA; Zhou D; Sagu JS; Teridi MAM
2020-11Facet-dependent growth of InAsP quantum wells in InP nanowire and nanomembrane arrays.Yuan X; Wang N; Tian Z; Zhang F; Li L; Lockrey M; He J; Jagadish C; Tan HH
2007-01Uptake and loss of dissolved 109Cd and 75Se in estuarine macroinvertebratesAlquezar, R; Markich, SJ; Twining, J
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