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2020-06-01Corals exhibit distinct patterns of microbial reorganisation to thrive in an extreme inshore environmentCamp, EF; Suggett, DJ; Pogoreutz, C; Nitschke, MR; Houlbreque, F; Hume, BCC; Gardner, SG; Zampighi, M; Rodolfo-Metalpa, R; Voolstra, CR
2020Coral reef annihilation, persistence and recovery at Earth’s youngest volcanic islandSmallhorn-West, PF; Garvin, JB; Slayback, DA; DeCarlo, TM; Gordon, SE; Fitzgerald, SH; Halafihi, T; Jones, GP; Bridge, TCL
2021-02-04Symbiont shuffling across environmental gradients aligns with changes in carbon uptake and translocation in the reef-building coral Pocillopora acutaRos, M; Suggett, DJ; Edmondson, J; Haydon, T; Hughes, DJ; Kim, M; Guagliardo, P; Bougoure, J; Pernice, M; Raina, J-B; Camp, EF
2020-10-01Regional variation in δ<sup>13</sup>C of coral reef macroalgaeLovelock, CE; Reef, R; Raven, JA; Pandolfi, JM
2020-06-01Insights from extreme coral reefs in a changing worldBurt, JA; Camp, EF; Enochs, IC; Johansen, JL; Morgan, KM; Riegl, B; Hoey, AS
2021-08-01Physiological diversity among sympatric, conspecific endosymbionts of coral (Cladocopium C1<sup>acro</sup>) from the Great Barrier ReefBeltrán, VH; Puill-Stephan, E; Howells, E; Flores-Moya, A; Doblin, M; Núñez-Lara, E; Escamilla, V; López, T; van Oppen, MJH
2016-07-02Toxicity assessment of New Zealand and Pacific dinoflagellates Ostreopsis and Gambierdiscus (Dinophyceae) extracts using bioassaysArgyle, PA; Harwood, DT; Rhodes, LL; Champeau, O; Tremblay, LA
2020-12-01Metabolite pools of the reef building coral Montipora capitata are unaffected by Symbiodiniaceae community compositionMatthews, JL; Cunning, R; Ritson-Williams, R; Oakley, CA; Lutz, A; Roessner, U; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Gates, RD; Davy, SK
2022-10-01Colony self-shading facilitates Symbiodiniaceae cohabitation in a South Pacific coral communityLewis, RE; Davy, SK; Gardner, SG; Rongo, T; Suggett, DJ; Nitschke, MR
2023-06-01The microbiomes of two Singaporean corals show site-specific differentiation and variability that correlates with the seasonal monsoonsDeignan, LK; Pwa, KH; Loh, AAR; Rice, SA; McDougald, D
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