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2020-07-20Escherichia coli ST8196 is a novel, locally evolved, and extensively drug resistant pathogenic lineage within the ST131 clonal complex.Hastak, P; Fourment, M; Darling, AE; Gottlieb, T; Cheong, E; Merlino, J; Myers, GSA; Djordjevic, SP; Chowdhury, PR
2020-04Spo0J and SMC are required for normal chromosome segregation in Staphylococcus aureus.Chan, H; Söderström, B; Skoglund, U
2013-07-01The hydrocarbon-degrading marine bacterium Cobetia sp. strain MM1IDA2H-1 produces a biosurfactant that interferes with quorum sensing of fish pathogens by signal hijackingIbacache-Quiroga, C; Ojeda, J; Espinoza Vergara, G; Olivero, P; Cuellar, M; Dinamarca, A
2020-07-30Nitrite production by ammonia-oxidizing bacteria mediates chloramine decay and resistance in a mixed-species community.Keshvardoust, P; Huron, VAA; Clemson, M; Barraud, N; Rice, SA
-CdrS Is a Global Transcriptional Regulator Influencing Cell Division in Haloferax volcaniiLiao, Y; Vogel, V; Hauber, S; Bartel, J; Alkhnbashi, OS; Maaß, S; Schwarz, TS; Backofen, R; Becher, D; Duggin, IG; Marchfelder, A
2021-01-01A household case evidences shorter shedding of SARS-CoV-2 in naturally infected cats compared to their human ownersNeira, V; Brito, B; Agüero, B; Berrios, F; Valdés, V; Gutierrez, A; Ariyama, N; Espinoza, P; Retamal, P; Holmes, EC; Gonzalez-Reiche, AS; Khan, Z; van de Guchte, A; Dutta, J; Miorin, L; Kehrer, T; Galarce, N; Almonacid, LI; Levican, J; van Bakel, H; García-Sastre, A; Medina, RA
2021-08-15The Repressor C Protein, Pf4r, Controls Superinfection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 by the Pf4 Filamentous Phage and Regulates Host Gene ExpressionIsmail, MH; Michie, KA; Goh, YF; Noorian, P; Kjelleberg, S; Duggin, IG; McDougald, D; Rice, SA
2021-04-20NirA Is an Alternative Nitrite Reductase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa with Potential as an Antivirulence Target.Fenn, S; Dubern, J-F; Cigana, C; De Simone, M; Lazenby, J; Juhas, M; Schwager, S; Bianconi, I; Döring, G; Elmsley, J; Eberl, L; Williams, P; Bragonzi, A; Cámara, M
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