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2015-03-06An investigation of antitumor efficiency of novel sustained and targeted 5-fluorouracil nanoparticlesLe, VM; Wang, JJ; Yuan, M; Nguyen, TL; Yin, GF; Zheng, YH; Shi, WB; Lang, MD; Xu, LM; Liu, JW
2001-01Drug resistance does not correlate with resistance to Fas-mediated apoptosis.Cullen, KV; Davey, RA; Davey, MW
2011-02-07Regulation of apoptotic mediators reveals dynamic responses to thermal stress in the reef building coral acropora milleporaPernice, M; Dunn, SR; Miard, T; Dufour, S; Dove, S; Hoegh-Guldberg, O
2006-04-01α<inf>1</inf>-Adrenergic receptors prevent a maladaptive cardiac response to pressure overloadO'Connell, TD; Swigart, PM; Rodrigo, MC; Ishizaka, S; Joho, S; Turnbull, L; Tecott, LH; Baker, AJ; Foster, E; Grossman, W; Simpson, PC
2014-05-15Pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced apoptosis in airway epithelial cells is mediated by gap junctional communication in a JNK-dependent mannerLosa, D; Köhler, T; Bellec, J; Dudez, T; Crespin, S; Bacchetta, M; Boulanger, P; Hong, SS; Morel, S; Nguyen, TH; Van Delden, C; Chanson, M
2001-03-01The drug resistance proteins, multidrug resistance-associated protein and P-glycoprotein, do not confer resistance to Fas-induced cell death.Cullen, K; Davey, R; Davey, M
2009-02Effect of DNAzymes targeting Akt1 on cell proliferation and apoptosis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.Yang, L; Xiao, L; Ma, X; Tang, M; Weng, X; Chen, X; Sun, L; Cao, Y
2018-05-01Anti-amoebic activity of acyclic and cyclic-samarium complexes on AcanthamoebaKusrini, E; Hashim, F; Gunawan, C; Mann, R; Azmi, WNNWN; Amin, NM
2020-06-25Organized Disassembly of Photosynthesis During Programmed Cell Death Mediated By Long Chain Bases.Zavafer A; González-Solís A; Palacios-Bahena S; Saucedo-García M; Tapia de Aquino C; Vázquez-Santana S; King-Díaz B; Gavilanes-Ruiz M
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