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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06-19Impact of homologous and non-homologous recombination in the genomic evolution of Escherichia coliDidelot, X; Méric, G; Falush, D; Darling, AE
2019bin3C : Exploiting Hi-C sequencing data to accurately resolve metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs)DeMaere, M; Darling, A
2017-05-30Bioinformatic analysis of bacteria and host cell dual RNA-sequencing experimentsMarsh, J; Hayward, R; Shetty, A; Mahurkar, A; Humphrys, M; Myers, G
2005-01-05Visualization of comparative genomic analyses by BLAST score ratioRasko, DA; Myers, GSA; Ravel, J
2014-01-01Evolution of context dependent regulation by expansion of feast/famine regulatory proteinsPlaisier, CL; Lo, FY; Ashworth, J; Brooks, AN; Beer, KD; Kaur, A; Pan, M; Reiss, DJ; Facciotti, MT; Baliga, NS
2019-01-01High-throughput Quant-iT PicoGreen assay using an automated liquid handling systemAnantanawat, K; Pitsch, N; Fromont, C; Janitz, C
2011-04-15Improved bacteria detection by coupling magneto-immunocapture and amperometry at flow-channel microband electrodesLaczka, O; Maesa, J-M; Godino, N; del Campo, J; Fougt-Hansen, M; Kutter, JP; Snakenborg, D; Munoz-Pascual, F-X; Baldrich, E
2015-09-21Genome-wide cataloging and analysis of alternatively spliced genes in cereal cropsMin, XJ; Powell, B; Braessler, J; Meinken, J; Yu, F; Sablok, G
2011-10-01Mauve assembly metricsDarling, AE; Tritt, A; Eisen, JA; Facciotti, MT
2009-01Simultaneous assay of every Salmonella Typhi gene using one million transposon mutants.Langridge, G; Phan, MD; Turner, DJ; Perkins, T; Parts, L; Haase, J; Charles, IG; Maskell, D; Peters, SE; Dougan, G; Wain, J; Parkhill, J; Turner, AK
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