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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2011Simple high-throughput annotation pipeline (SHAP)DeMaere, MZ; Lauro, FM; Thomas, T; Yau, S; Cavicchioli, R
2019bin3C : Exploiting Hi-C sequencing data to accurately resolve metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs)DeMaere, M; Darling, A
26-Feb-2019Bin3C: Exploiting Hi-C sequencing data to accurately resolve metagenome-assembled genomesDemaere, MZ; Darling, AE
20-Feb-2019Transcriptomic analysis reveals protein homeostasis breakdown in the coral Acropora millepora during hypo-saline stressAguilar, C; Raina, JB; Fôret, S; Hayward, DC; Lapeyre, B; Bourne, DG; Miller, DJ
1-Nov-2015An experimentally supported model of the Bacillus subtilis global transcriptional regulatory networkArrieta-Ortiz, ML; Hafemeister, C; Bate, AR; Chu, T; Greenfield, A; Shuster, B; Barry, SN; Gallitto, M; Liu, B; Kacmarczyk, T; Santoriello, F; Chen, J; Rodrigues, CD; Sato, T; Rudner, DZ; Driks, A; Bonneau, R; Eichenberger, P
1-Jan-2014Circleator: Flexible circular visualization of genome-associated data with BioPerl and SVGCrabtree, J; Agrawal, S; Mahurkar, A; Myers, GS; Rasko, DA; White, O
8-Aug-2011BLAST Ring Image Generator (BRIG): Simple prokaryote genome comparisonsAlikhan, NF; Petty, NK; Ben Zakour, NL; Beatson, SA
30-Mar-2010Evidence for a lineage of virulent bacteriophages that target CampylobacterTimms, AR; Cambray-Young, J; Scott, AE; Petty, NK; Connerton, PL; Clarke, L; Seeger, K; Quail, M; Cummings, N; Maskell, DJ; Thomson, NR; Connerton, IF
1-Apr-2011Easyfig: A genome comparison visualizerSullivan, MJ; Petty, NK; Beatson, SA
12-Dec-2015Polyketide synthesis genes associated with toxin production in two species of Gambierdiscus (Dinophyceae)Kohli, GS; John, U; Figueroa, RI; Rhodes, LL; Harwood, DT; Groth, M; Bolch, CJS; Murray, SA
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