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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05-01Effective online Bayesian phylogenetics via sequential Monte Carlo with guided proposalsFourment, M; Claywell, BC; Dinh, V; McCoy, C; Matsen, FA; Darling, AE
2012-08-30The Taxonomic Significance of Species That Have Only Been Observed Once: The Genus Gymnodinium (Dinoflagellata) as an ExampleThessen, AE; Patterson, DJ; Murray, SA
2019-11-01BEAGLE 3: Improved Performance, Scaling, and Usability for a High-Performance Computing Library for Statistical PhylogeneticsAyres, DL; Cummings, MP; Baele, G; Darling, AE; Lewis, PO; Swofford, DL; Huelsenbeck, JP; Lemey, P; Rambaut, A; Suchard, MA
2012-05-01Mrbayes 3.2: Efficient bayesian phylogenetic inference and model choice across a large model spaceRonquist, F; Teslenko, M; Van Der Mark, P; Ayres, DL; Darling, A; Höhna, S; Larget, B; Liu, L; Suchard, MA; Huelsenbeck, JP
2018-05-01Online Bayesian phylogenetic inference: Theoretical foundations via sequential Monte CarloDinh, V; Darling, AE; Matsen, FA
2020-05Taxonomy of prokaryotic viruses: 2018-2019 update from the ICTV Bacterial and Archaeal Viruses Subcommittee.Adriaenssens, EM; Sullivan, MB; Knezevic, P; van Zyl, LJ; Sarkar, BL; Dutilh, BE; Alfenas-Zerbini, P; Łobocka, M; Tong, Y; Brister, JR; Moreno Switt, AI; Klumpp, J; Aziz, RK; Barylski, J; Uchiyama, J; Edwards, RA; Kropinski, AM; Petty, NK; Clokie, MRJ; Kushkina, AI; Morozova, VV; Duffy, S; Gillis, A; Rumnieks, J; Kurtböke İ; Chanishvili, N; Goodridge, L; Wittmann, J; Lavigne, R; Jang, HB; Prangishvili, D; Enault, F; Turner, D; Poranen, MM; Oksanen, HM; Krupovic, M
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