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26-Jan-2012Pervasiveness of parasites in pollinatorsEvison, SEF; Roberts, KE; Laurenson, L; Pietravalle, S; Hui, J; Biesmeijer, JC; Smith, JE; Budge, G; Hughes, WOH
10-Aug-2016HIV-1 uses dynamic capsid pores to import nucleotides and fuel encapsidated DNA synthesisJacques, DA; McEwan, WA; Hilditch, L; Price, AJ; Towers, GJ; James, LC
1-Aug-2011The evolution and distribution of phage ST160 within Salmonella enterica serotype TyphimuriumPrice-Carter, M; Roy-Chowdhury, P; Pope, CE; Paine, S; De Lisle, GW; Collins, DM; Nicol, C; Carter, PE
3-Apr-2019Stable maintenance of the rudivirus SIRV3 in a carrier state in Sulfolobus islandicus despite activation of the CRISPR-Cas immune response by a second virus SMV1Papathanasiou, P; Erdmann, S; Leon-Sobrino, C; Sharma, K; Urlaub, H; Garrett, RA; Peng, X
1-Jan-2014Identification of bacteriophages for biocontrol of the kiwifruit canker phytopathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiaeFrampton, RA; Taylor, C; Holguín Moreno, AV; Visnovsky, SB; Petty, NK; Pitman, AR; Fineran, PC
1-Jul-2006Marine and freshwater cyanophages in a Laurentian Great Lake: Evidence from infectivity assays and molecular analyses of g20 genesWilhelm, SW; Carberry, MJ; Eldridge, ML; Poorvin, L; Saxton, MA; Doblin, MA
1-Nov-2018Phylodynamics of parapoxvirus genus in Mexico (2007–2011)Velazquez-Salinas, L; Ramirez-Medina, E; Bracht, AJ; Hole, K; Brito, BP; Gladue, DP; Carrillo, C
1-Sep-2007A generalized transducing phage for the murine pathogen Citrobacter rodentiumPetty, NK; Toribio, AL; Goulding, D; Foulds, I; Thomson, N; Dougan, G; Salmond, GPC
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