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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-06-01A comparative study of magnetron co-sputtered nanocrystalline titanium aluminium and chromium aluminium nitride coatingsWuhrer, R; Yeung, WY
2003-01On the microstructure and property development of d.c. magnetron co-sputtered ternary titanium aluminium nitride coatings: effect of nitrogen deposition pressureWuhrer, R; Yeung, WY
2003-07-18On production of nanocrystalline ternary nitride coatings via magnetron sputteringWuhrer, R; McCredie, G; Yeung, WY
2003-01An empirical relationship between nitrogen deposition pressure and hardness of magnetron co-sputtered ternary nitride coatingsYeung, WY; Wuhrer, R
2013-07-01Calcium phosphate formation from sea urchin - (Brissus latecarinatus) via modified mechano-chemical (ultrasonic) conversion methodSamur, R; Ozyegin, L; Agaogullari, D; Oktar, FN; Agathopoulos, S; Kalkandelen, C; Duman, I; Ben-Nissan, B
2003-01Aluminia and zirconia bioceramics in orthopaedic applicationsCordingley, RL; Kohan, L; Ben-Nissan, B; Pezzotti, G
2005-04-25On structural stability of nanostructured aluminiumVan Der Kolff, EJ; Berkahn, M; Wuhrer, R; Yeung, WY
2003-08-01Effect of target-substrate working distance on magnetron sputter deposition of nanostructured titanium aluminium nitride coatingsWuhrer, R; Yeung, WY
2005-10-04In situ formation of BN nanotubes during nitriding reactionsYu, J; Chen, Y; Wuhrer, R; Liu, Z; Ringer, SP
2003-01-01A study of nanoindentation of nanostructured materialsShort, K; Wuhrer, R; Collins, G; Yeung, WY; Chandra, T; Torralba, JM; Sakai, T
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