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2010-05-01Role of microbial and phytoplanktonic communities in the control of seawater viscosity off East Antarctica (30-80° E)Seuront, L; Leterme, SC; Seymour, JR; Mitchell, JG; Ashcroft, D; Noble, W; Thomson, PG; Davidson, AT; van den Enden, R; Scott, FJ; Wright, SW; Schapira, M; Chapperon, C; Cribb, N
2015-09-01Drivers and effects of Karenia mikimotoi blooms in the western English ChannelBarnes, MK; Tilstone, GH; Smyth, TJ; Widdicombe, CE; Gloël, J; Robinson, C; Kaiser, J; Suggett, DJ
2006-03-01Simulation of water levels and water diversions in a subtropical coastal wetlandRestrepo, JI; Garces, D; Montoya, A; Restrepo, N; Giddings, J
2015-07-01Iron associated with exopolymeric substances is highly bioavailable to oceanic phytoplanktonHassler, CS; Norman, L; Mancuso Nichols, CA; Clementson, LA; Robinson, C; Schoemann, V; Watson, RJ; Doblin, MA
2004-08-01On relating physical limits to the carbon: Nitrogen ratio of unicellular algae and benthic plantsBaird, ME; Middleton, JH
2006-02-01Coupled physical-biological modelling study of the East Australian Current with idealised wind forcing. Part I: Biological model intercomparisonBaird, ME; Timko, PG; Suthers, IM; Middleton, JH
2013-09-01Selective incorporation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) during sea ice formationMüller, S; Vähätalo, AV; Stedmon, CA; Granskog, MA; Norman, L; Aslam, SN; Underwood, GJC; Dieckmann, GS; Thomas, DN
2013-05-01The likelihood of observing dust-stimulated phytoplankton growth in waters proximal to the Australian continentCropp, RA; Gabric, AJ; Levasseur, M; McTainsh, GH; Bowie, A; Hassler, CS; Law, CS; McGowan, H; Tindale, N; Viscarra Rossel, R
2008-11-01Biological properties across the Tasman Front off southeast AustraliaBaird, ME; Timko, PG; Middleton, JH; Mullaney, TJ; Cox, DR; Suthers, IM
2008-01Seasonality and scale of the Kerguelen plateau phytoplankton bloom: a remote sensing and modeling analysis of the influence of natural iron fertilization in the Southern OceanMongin, M; Molina Balari, E; Trull, TW
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