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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Capture and use of water by wheat and chickpea in sole crops and intercrops under dryland conditions of South AustraliaJahansooz, M; Yunusa, IA; Coventry, D; Fischer, T; Turner, N; Angus, J; McIntyre, L; Robertson, M; Borrell, A; Lloyd, D
Jan-2003Designing assessment using the MATH taxonomyD'Souza, SM; Wood, LN; Bragg, L; Campbell, C; Herbert, G; Mousley, J
Jan-2003Analysing and interpreting information from questionnaires using data mining and logistic regressionPetocz, P; May, RL; Blyth, WF
Jan-2003Variation in musicians' experience of creating ensembleReid, A; Petocz, P; Jeanneret, N
Jan-2003Too much of a good thingWood, LN; D'Souza, SM; May, RL; Blyth, WF
Jan-2008Supply chain analysis of Australian beef retailers/wholesalersJie, F; Parton, K; Jenkins, RJ; Singh, P; Prajogo, D; O'Neill, P; Rahman, S
Jan-2003Future roles for native woody species in Australian agricultural landscapesNewton, PJ; Yunusa, IA; Wilson, BP; Curtis, A
Jan-2001Production of Ultrafine Grained Copper-Zinc Alloy Using Equal Channel Angular Extrusion TechniqueBowen, JR; Yeung, WY; Brough, I; Prangnell, P; Chandra, T; Higashi, K; Suryanarayana, C; Tomz, C
Jan-2005Characterisation of atomic layer deposition using x-ray reflectometryWindover, D; Armstrong, NG; Cline, JP; Hung, PY; Diebold, A; Seiler, DG; Diebold, AC; McDonald, R; Ayre, CR; Khosla, RP; Zollner, S; Secula, EM
Jan-2007The Relationship Between Negative Mood States and FatigueWijesuriya, NS; Tran, YH; Craig, AR; Moore, K
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