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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS): A Review of Research Findings in Families, Schools, and Treatment Facilities.Greene R; Winkler J
2006-09-20Day and night ichthyoplankton assemblages and zooplankton biomass size spectrum in a deep ocean island wakeSuthers, IM; Taggart, CT; Rissik, D; Baird, ME
2019-01-01Evaluating probabilistic programming and fast variational Bayesian inference in phylogeneticsFourment, M; Darling, AE
2018-09-01Spatial-temporal evolution of vegetation evapotranspiration in Hebei Province, ChinaWANG, QF; TANG, J; ZENG, JY; QU, YP; ZHANG, Q; SHUI, W; WANG, WL; YI, L; LENG, S
2015-10-02Sequential application of hyperspectral indices for delineation of stripe rust infection and nitrogen deficiency in wheatDevadas, R; Lamb, DW; Backhouse, D; Simpfendorfer, S
2019-03-01Identification of a novel lineage of plasmids within phylogenetically diverse subclades of IncHI2-ST1 plasmidsRoy Chowdhury, P; Fourment, M; DeMaere, MZ; Monahan, L; Merlino, J; Gottlieb, T; Darling, AE; Djordjevic, SP
2019-01Dynamic navigation: a prospective clinical trial to evaluate the accuracy of implant placement.Pellegrino G; Taraschi V; Andrea Z; Ferri A; Marchetti C
2019-01Zostera virus T - a novel virus of the genus Tepovirus identified in the eelgrass, Zostera muelleri.Goh CJ; Park D; Lee JS; Davey PA; Pernice M; Ralph PJ; Hahn Y
2019-05-20Insights from the revised complete genome sequences of Acinetobacter baumannii strains AB307-0294 and ACICU belonging to global clone 1 and 2Hamidian M; Wick R; Hartstein R; Judd L; Holt K; Hall R
2020-06-01'360 Degree Deliberative Interviewing' and Ethnography to Increase Validity and InsightsMacnamara J
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