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2020-06-24The CHK1 inhibitor MU380 significantly increases the sensitivity of human docetaxel-resistant prostate cancer cells to gemcitabine through the induction of mitotic catastrophe.Drápela S; Khirsariya P; van Weerden WM; Fedr R; Suchánková T; Búzová D; Červený J; Hampl A; Puhr M; Watson WR; Culig Z; Krejčí L; Paruch K; Souček K
2020-03-01Suppression of magnetism and Seebeck effect in Na<inf>0.875</inf>CoO<inf>2</inf> induced by Sb<inf>Co</inf> dopantsAssadi MHN; Mele P; Fronzi M
2020-04Accurate and Real-Time Temperature Monitoring during MR Imaging Guided PTT.Meng X; Zhang B; Yi Y; Cheng H; Wang B; Liu Y; Gong T; Yang W; Yao Y; Wang H; Bu W
2020-05-12Structural venomics reveals evolution of a complex venom by duplication and diversification of an ancient peptide-encoding gene.Pineda SS; Chin YK-Y; Undheim EAB; Senff S; Mobli M; Dauly C; Escoubas P; Nicholson GM; Kaas Q; Guo S; Herzig V; Mattick JS; King GF
2020-03-24Synoptic Spatio-Temporal Variability of the Photosynthetic Productivity of Microphytobenthos and Phytoplankton in a Tidal EstuaryFrankenbach S; Ezequiel J; Plecha S; Goessling JW; Vaz L; Kuhl M; Dias JM; Vaz N; Serodio J
2020-01-01Analysis of OJIP transients during photoinactivation of photosystem ii indicates the presence of multiple photosensitizers in vivo and in vitroIermak I; Szabó M; Zavafer A
2020-09-14Antibiotic Resistance Characteristics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Keratitis in Australia and India.Khan M; Stapleton F; Summers S; Rice SA; Willcox MDP
2019-01-01Coralclip®: a low-cost solution for rapid and targeted out-planting of coral at scaleSuggett, DJ; Edmondson, J; Howlett, L; Camp, EF
2020-09-26Acquired fluoroquinolone resistance genes in corneal isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Khan M; Summers S; Rice SA; Stapleton F; Willcox MDP; Subedi D
2020-09The GSK-3β-FBXL21 Axis Contributes to Circadian TCAP Degradation and Skeletal Muscle Function.Wirianto M; Yang J; Kim E; Gao S; Paudel KR; Choi JM; Choe J; Gloston GF; Ademoji P; Parakramaweera R; Jin J; Esser KA; Jung SY; Geng Y-J; Lee HK; Chen Z; Yoo S-H
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