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1-Nov-2015Genomic and proteomic characterization of two novel siphovirus infecting the sedentary facultative epibiont cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marinaChan, YW; Millard, AD; Wheatley, PJ; Holmes, AB; Mohr, R; Whitworth, AL; Mann, NH; Larkum, AWD; Hess, WR; Scanlan, DJ; Clokie, MRJ
1-Apr-2018The identification of Theileria bicornis in captive rhinoceros in AustraliaYam, J; Gestier, S; Bryant, B; Campbell-Ward, M; Bogema, D; Jenkins, C
1-Jun-2017Carbon-concentrating mechanisms in seagrassesLarkum, AWD; Davey, PA; Kuo, J; Ralph, PJ; Raven, JA
3-Jul-2017The roles of endolithic fungi in bioerosion and disease in marine ecosystems. II. Potential facultatively parasitic anamorphic ascomycetes can cause disease in corals and molluscsGleason, FH; Gadd, GM; Pitt, JI; Larkum, AWD
1-Jun-2004Uptake kinetics and assimilation of phosphorus by Catenella nipae and Ulva lactuca can be used to indicate ambient phosphate availabilityRuncie, JW; Ritchie, RJ; Larkum, AWD
27-Sep-2001Zooxanthellae expelled from bleached corals at 33°C are photosynthetically competentRalph, PJ; Gademann, R; Larkum, AWD
9-Jun-2008Seasonal variation in the photo-physiology of homogeneous and heterogeneous Symbiodinium consortia in two scleractinian coralsUlstrup, KE; Hill, R; Van Oppen, MJH; Larkum, AWD; Ralph, PJ
1-Jan-2012Selection, breeding and engineering of microalgae for bioenergy and biofuel productionLarkum, AWD; Ross, IL; Kruse, O; Hankamer, B
3-Jul-2017The roles of endolithic fungi in bioerosion and disease in marine ecosystems. I. General conceptsGleason, FH; Gadd, GM; Pitt, JI; Larkum, AWD
1-Feb-2017Proposed mechanisms for water oxidation by Photosystem II and nanosized manganese oxidesNajafpour, MM; Heidari, S; Balaghi, SE; Hołyńska, M; Sadr, MH; Soltani, B; Khatamian, M; Larkum, AW; Allakhverdiev, SI
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