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2022-11-04Machine-learning based detection of adventitious microbes in T-cell therapy cultures using long read sequencingStrutt, JPB; Natarajan, M; Sin, WX; Lee, E; Barone, PW; Wolfrum, JM; Williams, RBH; Rice, SA; Springs, SL
2022-08-05Rhometa: Population recombination rate estimation from metagenomic read datasetsKrishnan, S; DeMaere, M; Beck, D; Ostrowski, M; Seymour, J; Darling, A
2019-06-19The SiaABC threonine phosphorylation pathway controls biofilm formation in response to carbon availability in Pseudomonas aeruginosaPoh, W-H; Lin, J; Colley, B; Müller, N; Goh, BC; Schleheck, D; Sahili, AE; Marquardt, A; Liang, Y; Kjelleberg, S; Lescar, J; Rice, SA; Klebensberger, J
2021-11-01Sulfate-dependant microbially induced corrosion of mild steel in the deep-sea: a 10-year microbiome studyRajala, P; Cheng, D-Q; Rice, S; Lauro, F
2021-01-01Post-weaning shifts in microbiome composition and metabolism revealed by over 25,000 pig gut metagenome assembled genomesGaio, D; DeMaere, M; Anantanawat, K; Chapman, T; Djordjevic, S; Darling, A
2019-04-04A new massively-parallel transposon mutagenesis approach comparing multiple datasets identifies novel mechanisms of action and resistance to triclosanYasir, M; Turner, K; Bastkowski, S; Page, A; Telatin, A; Phan, M-D; Monahan, L; Darling, A; Webber, M; Charles, I
2021-01-19Microbial Predation Accelerates Granulation and Modulates Microbial Community CompositionChan, SH; Ismail, MH; Tan, CH; Rice, SA; McDougald, D
2016-10-25Online Bayesian phylogenetic inference: theoretical foundations via Sequential Monte CarloDinh, V; Darling, AE; Matsen, FA
2016-04-20Deconvoluting simulated metagenomes: the performance of hard- and soft- clustering algorithms applied to metagenomic chromosome conformation capture (3C)DeMaere, M; Darling, A
2021-05-11CdrS is a global transcriptional regulator influencing cell division in Haloferax volcaniiLiao, Y; Vogel, V; Hauber, S; Bartel, J; Alkhnbashi, OS; Maaß, S; Schwarz, TS; Backofen, R; Becher, D; Duggin, IG; Marchfelder, A
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