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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015It's great to be doing maths! Engaging primary students in a lunchtime clubPrescott, AE; Pressick-Kilborn, KJ
2007-01Sharing and supporting through an online network: Four studies with newly appointed teachers.Schuck, SR; Prescott, AE; Buchanan, JD; Jeffery, PL
2008-01A situated perspective on learning to teach secondary mathematicsPrescott, AE; Cavanagh, M; Goos, M; Brown, R; Makar, K
2009-01The reflective thinking of pre-service secondary mathematics teachersCavanagh, M; Prescott, AE; Tzekaki, M; Kaldrimidou, M; Sakonidis, H
2006-01Integrating concepts and processes in early mathematics: The Australian Pattern and Structure Awareness Project (PASMAP)Mulligan, J; Mitchelmore, M; Prescott, AE; Novotna, J; Moraova, H; Kratka, M; Stehlikova, N
2006-01Improving early numeracy through a Pattern and Structure Mathematics Awareness Program (PASMAP)Mulligan, J; Papic, M; Prescott, AE; Mitchelmore, M; Grootenboer, P; Zevenbergen, R; Chinnappan, M
2003-01First graders' use of structure in visual memory and unitising area tasksMulligan, J; Prescott, AE; Bragg, L; Campbell, C; Herbert, G; Mousley, J
2005-01Student misconceptions about projectile motionPrescott, AE; Mitchelmore, M; Clarkson, P; Downton, A; Grpnn, D; Horne, M; McDonough, A; Pierce, R; Roche, A
2003-01Taking a closer look at students visual imageryMulligan, J; Prescott, AE; Mitchelmore, M
2015Your Professional Experience Handbook A Guide for Pre-service TeachersCavanagh, M; Prescott, AE
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