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2020-06-15Designing personalised, authentic and collaborative learning with mobile devices: Confronting the challenges of remote teaching during a pandemic.Kearney M; Burden K; Schuck S; Ferdig R; Baumgartner E; Hartshorne R; Kaplan-Rakowski R; Mouza C
2020-05-14Expanded practice Facilitating the integration of visual media, theatricality and sound technology into music performanceStevenson I; Encarnacao J; McPhee E; Encarnacao J; Blom D
2020-06-25The pedagogy of courage: critical Aboriginal football education in Australia’s Northern TerritoryKnijnik J; Hunter J
2020-01Three Principles Informing Simulation-Based Continuing Education to Promote Effective Interprofessional Collaboration: Reorganizing, Reframing, and Recontextualizing.Hopwood N; Blomberg M; Dahlberg J; Abrandt Dahlgren M
2020-01-01Transforming coastal and marine management: Deliberative democracy and integrated management in New South Wales, AustraliaBrooks K; Barclay K; Grafton RQ; Gollan N
2020-08-07Imagining the I-You Through Embodied WritingYoo JHC
2020-08-27An Autoethnography of Mothering in the AcademyYoo JHC
2020-03-31Ways of getting to know: International mobility and Indigenous educationBuchanan J; Hellsten M
2020-09-13Class experiences: A lifelong educational journey to political consciousnessBlack S
2020-08Sustained fall in inpatient MRSA prevalence after a video-reflexive ethnography project; an observational study.Gilbert GL; Hor S; Wyer M; Sadsad R; Badcock C-A; Iedema R
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