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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2005Emergent modes of work and communities of practiceIedema, R; Meyerkort, S; White, L
31-Oct-2008Managing the scope and impact of root cause analysis recommendationsIedema, R; Jorm, C; Braithwaite, J
Feb-2012Regulating open disclosure: a German perspectiveMclennan, S; Beitat, K; Lauterberg, J; Vollmann, J
16-Apr-2013Out of the frying pan? Streamlining the ethics review process of multisite qualitative research projectsIedema, RAM; Allen, S; Britton, K; Hor, S
1-Feb-2006Does restructuring hospitals results in greater efficiency? - An empirical test using diachronic dataBraithwaite, J; Westbrook, MT; Hindle, D; Iedema, RA; Black, DA
Jan-2007Measuring the impact of a team model of nursing practice using work samplingWalker, K; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S
1-Dec-2012Utilizing experience-based co-design to improve the experience of patients accessing emergency departments in New South Wales public hospitals: An evaluation studyPiper, D; Iedema, R; Gray, J; Verma, R; Holmes, L; Manning, N
1-Mar-2012What do patients and relatives know about problems and failures in care?Iedema, R; Allen, S; Britton, K; Gallagher, TH
1-Jul-2019IntroductionDevereux, G; Cotton, S; Fielding, S; McMeekin, N; Barnes, PJ; Briggs, A; Burns, G; Chaudhuri, R; Chrystyn, H; Davies, L; De Soyza, A; Gompertz, S; Haughney, J; Innes, K; Kaniewska, J; Lee, A; Morice, A; Norrie, J; Sullivan, A; Wilson, A; Price, D
1-Apr-2011Creating safety by strengthening clinicians' capacity for reflexivityIedema, R
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