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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Decentralization and Local Processes of Social Development in the PRC: the case of education in a Shanxi country townCarrillo Garcia, B; Cribb, R
Jan-2006Who is the Boss: the Husband or the Wife? An Analysis of Women Entrepreneurs' Roles in Private Enterprise, Jiaocheng County, People's Republic of ChinaChen, M; Vickers; Adrian; Hanlon; Margaret
Jan-2007Towards understanding the utility of designing for Education: A research approachGolja, T; Schaverien, LR; Zehner, R; Reidsema, CE
Jan-2007What might client feedback on diverse designs, generated from a studio-based project brief, tell a learner about designing?Golja, T; Schaverien, LR; Zehner, R; Reidsema, CE
Jan-2007Scholarly (R)evolution: Roles of E-Texts in the Research Process in the HumanitiesSukovic, S; Schmidt, S; Siemens, R; Kumar, A; Unsworth, J
Jan-2005Theorising professional development in the academy: a conversational approachGolja, T; Schaverien, LR; Jeffrey, P
Jan-2005Developing research designs and methodologies for investigating learning in postgraduate e-learning contextsJackson, K; Schaverien, LR; Jeffrey, P
Jan-2003Gender and Political Interests: Taking Institutions SeriouslyWatson, V; Corrigan, P; Gibson, M; Hawkes, G; Livingston, E; Scott, J; Thiele, S; Carpenter, G
Jan-2009Sound Amplification Technology and the Acousmatic ExperienceMulder, J; Naveda Luiz
Jan-2010Through the 'I's' of Lost Time: Proust's Performative Fugue of Temps PerduSkilbeck, R; McNeilly, J; Grant, S; Vains, C
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