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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12The role of reflective practice in healthcare professions: Next steps for pharmacy education and practice.Mantzourani E; Desselle S; Le J; Lonie JM; Lucas C
2019-01Metformin: A Salutary Candidate for Colorectal Cancer Treatment in Patients with Diabetes.Samuel VP; Dahiya R; Singh Y; Gupta G; Sah SK; Gubbiyappa SK; Chellappan DK; Dua K
2019-12-01Rapid Prompting Method and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Systematic Review Exposes Lack of EvidenceSchlosser RW; Hemsley B; Shane H; Todd J; Lang R; Lilienfeld SO; Trembath D; Mostert M; Fong S; Odom S
2019-05-16Formulation and characterization of glibenclamide and quercetin-loaded chitosan nanogels targeting skin permeation.Chellappan DK; Yee NJ; Kaur Ambar Jeet Singh BJ; Panneerselvam J; Madheswaran T; Chellian J; Satija S; Mehta M; Gulati M; Gupta G; Dua K
2020-04COVID-19 pandemic: an overview of epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and potential vaccines and therapeuticsAmawi H; Abu Deiab GI; A Aljabali AA; Dua K; Tambuwala MM
2019-12Topical (local) antibiotics for respiratory infections with sore throat: An antibiotic stewardship perspective.Essack S; Bell J; Burgoyne DS; Duerden M; Shephard A
2019-11Healthcare professionals' competence in using inhaler devices: A wake-up call for immediate action in low-income countries.Poudel RS; Shrestha S; Adhikari S
2019-03Pharmacological treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder comorbid with an anxiety disorder: a systematic review.Villas-Boas CB; Chierrito D; Fernandez-Llimos F; Tonin FS; Sanches ACC
2019-11Overview of Systematic Reviews of Aerobic Fitness and Muscle Strength Training after Spinal Cord Injury.Eitivipart AC; de Oliveira CQ; Arora M; Middleton J; Davis GM
2019-11Appropriate Use of Laxatives in the Older Person.Pont LG; Fisher M; Williams K
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