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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Work and SCI: a pilot randomized controlled study of an online resource for job-seekers with spinal cord dysfunction.Dorstyn, D; Roberts, R; Murphy, G; Craig, A; Kneebone, I; Stewart, P; Chur-Hansen, A; Marshall, R; Clark, J; Migliorini, C
2019-12Dynamics of Prolyl Hydroxylases Levels During Disease Progression in Experimental Colitis.Bakshi, HA; Mishra, V; Satija, S; Mehta, M; Hakkim, FL; Kesharwani, P; Dua, K; Chellappan, DK; Charbe, NB; Shrivastava, G; Rajeshkumar, S; Aljabali, AA; Al-Trad, B; Pabreja, K; Tambuwala, MM
2019-07-24Functional Dysphonia: A Clear Need for Differential Diagnosis: Commentary on "Lorazepam-Assisted Interview in a Resistant Case of Functional Dysphonia" Modak et al. (2019) J Voice. Jan 28. pii: S0892-1997(18)30451-X. doi:10.1016/j.jvoice.2019.01.002.Gregory, C; Baker, J
2019-08The OMERACT Core Domain Set for Clinical Trials of Shoulder Disorders.Ramiro, S; Page, MJ; Whittle, SL; Huang, H; Verhagen, AP; Beaton, DE; Richards, P; Voshaar, M; Shea, B; van der Windt, DA; Kopkow, C; Lenza, M; Jain, NB; Richards, B; Hill, C; Gill, TK; Koes, B; Foster, NE; Conaghan, PG; Smith, T; Malliaras, P; Roe, Y; Gagnier, JJ; Buchbinder, R
2018-08-01Risk models for lower extremity injuries among short- and long distance runners: A prospective cohort studyvan Poppel, D; Scholten-Peeters, GGM; van Middelkoop, M; Koes, BW; Verhagen, AP
2020-02-01Randomised trial of population-based BRCA testing in Ashkenazi Jews: long-term outcomesManchanda, R; Burnell, M; Gaba, F; Desai, R; Wardle, J; Gessler, S; Side, L; Sanderson, S; Loggenberg, K; Brady, AF; Dorkins, H; Wallis, Y; Chapman, C; Jacobs, C; Legood, R; Beller, U; Tomlinson, I; Menon, U; Jacobs, I
2020-04-01Apps for Older People's Pain Self-Management: Perspectives of Primary Care and Allied Health Clinicians.Bhattarai, P; Newton-John, T; Phillips, JL
2019-10-01Pharmaceutical Care in NICUs in Australia and Poland: Attitudes and Perspectives of Doctors and NursesKrzyzaniak, N; Pawłowska, I; Bajorek, B
2019-10Family communication following a diagnosis of myotonic dystrophy: To tell or not to tell?Taylor, S; Rodrigues, M; Poke, G; Wake, S; McEwen, A
2019-11-01Advanced cancer patient preferences for return of molecular profiling resultsBest, M; Butow, P; Juraskova, I; Savard, J; Meiser, B; Goldstein, D; Ballinger, M; Jacobs, C; Bartley, N; Davies, G; Thomas, D; Biesecker, B; Tucker, K; Schlub, TE; Newson, A
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