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1-Jun-2019Fearless Me! <sup>©</sup> : A feasibility case series of cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescents with intellectual disabilityHronis, A; Roberts, R; Roberts, L; Kneebone, I
1-Aug-2019A systematic review and meta-analysis of the Unified Protocol as a transdiagnostic emotion regulation based interventionSakiris, N; Berle, D
29-Oct-2019Do cognitive tasks reduce intrusive memory frequency after exposure to analogue trauma? An experimental replicationBadawi, A; Berle, D; Rogers, K; Steel, Z
20-Nov-2019The influence of ruminative processing mode on the trajectory of intrusive memories following a negative mood induction.Stavropoulos, A; Berle, D
3-Sep-2019The association between trauma experienced during incarceration and PTSD outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysisPiper, A; Berle, D
15-Feb-2019The relationships between health anxiety, online health information seeking, and cyberchondria: Systematic review and meta-analysisMcMullan, RD; Berle, D; Arnáez, S; Starcevic, V
15-Sep-2019Cyberchondria and its Relationships with Related Constructs: a Network AnalysisStarcevic, V; Baggio, S; Berle, D; Khazaal, Y; Viswasam, K
12-Dec-2019Parental trajectories of PTSD and child adjustment: Findings from the Building a New Life in Australia study.Reid, K; Berle, D
11-Apr-2019Relationships between online health information seeking and psychopathology.Berle, D; Starcevic, V; Khazaal, Y; Viswasam, K; Hede, V; McMullan, RD
Jul-2019There can be smoke without fire: warranted caution in promoting electronic cigarettes and heat not burn devices as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking.McAlinden, KD; Sohal, SS; Sharma, P
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