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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016De la pensée des services écosystémiques à la représentation des interactions humaines avec la biosphèrePlant, RA; Roche, P; Barnaud, C; Roche, P; Geijzendorffer, I; Levrel, H; Maris, V
Jan-2011The Labour Market, Immigration and the Building of DubaiBurgess, JK; Connell, JA
Jan-2010The lack of a right to housing and its implications in AustraliaMorris, A
2016Land Development Approval Process ReviewRyan, R; Lawrie, A
1-Jun-2016Land of the Unexpected: Natural Resource Conflict and Peace Building in Papua New GuineaMcKenna, K
1-Jan-2014Landfill Futures: : National Guideline DocumentWhite, S; Herriman, E; Giurco, D; Cordell, D; Gero, A; Mason, L; May, D; Mohr, S; Moore, D; Asker, S
31-May-2016Large capacity, multi-fuel, and high temperature working fluid heaters to optimize CSP plant cost, complexity and annual generationPeterseim, JH; Viscuso, L; Hellwig, U; McIntyre, P
2018A large-scale application of project prioritization to threatened species investment by a government agencyBrazill-Boast, J; Williams, M; Rickwood, B; Partridge, T; Bywater, G; Cumbo, B; Shannon, I; Probert, WJM; Ravallion, J; Possingham, H; Maloney, RF
31-Oct-2017Last of the Millers Point and Sirius tenants hang on as the money now pours inMorris, A
Jan-2011Latecomers: Charting a course for the New England Australia wine regionMounter, S; Grant, BJ; Fleming, E; Griffith, G
1-Mar-2018Law, pliability and the multicultural city: Documenting planning law in actionHubbard, P; Prior, J
1-Jan-2003LCIs for minerals processing in south Africa and Australia and their use in decision making for technology choiceStewart, M; Giurco, D; Brent, G; Petrie, J; Dubreuil, A
17-Dec-2018Le concept de « politiques de l’identité de lieu » comme outil pour mieux comprendre la marginalisation des terres agricoles dans la commune périurbaine de Wollondilly, Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, Australie [The concept of ‘politics of place identity’ as a tool to better understand the marginalisation of farmlands in the peri-urban Shire of Wollondilly, New South Wales, Australia]Ruoso, L-E; Plant, R; Maurel, P; Barbe, E; Brennan, J
1-Feb-2017Leadership and systems of governance: the constraints on the scope for leadership of place-based development in sub-national territoriesBentley, G; Pugalis, L; Shutt, J
10-Dec-2008Leadership in contemporary local government reform: The Lyons Report in England and implications for Australasian local governmentGrant, BJ; Dollery, BE; Crase, L
5-Jun-2015Leadership in Education. Learning from ExperienceRyan, P
15-Nov-2018Leadership: Circles of TrustRyan, P
2015Learners’ confusion: faulty prior knowledge or a metacognitive monitoring error?Pachman, M; Arguel, A; Lockyer, L; Reiners, T; von Konsky, BR; Gibson, D; Chang, V; Irving, L; Clarke, K
2016Learning Brief: Exploring legal and policy aspects of urban sanitation and hygieneKome, A; Ross, KE; Carrard, N; Willetts, J; Mills, F; Abeysuriya, K; Murta, J
1-Dec-2011Learning designs and learning analyticsLockyer, L; Dawson, S