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2006-01Radiocarbon dating and sedimentation rates for holocene-upper pleistocene sediments, eastern equatorial pacific and Peru continental marginSkilbeck, G; Fink, D
2013-01-01Trends and socioeconomic correlates of adolescent physical fighting in 30 countriesPickett, W; Molcho, M; Elgar, FJ; Brooks, F; De Looze, M; Rathmann, K; Bogt, TFMT; Gabhainn, SN; Sigmundovà, D; De Matos, MG; Craig, W; Walsh, SD; Harel-Fisch, Y; Currie, C
2013Digital Natives: Exploring the diversity of young people’s experience with technologyCorrin, L; Bennett, S; Lockyer, L; Huang, R; Kinshuk; Spector, JM
2008-08-01The trophic history of Myall Lakes, New South Wales, Australia: Interpretations using δ<sup>13</sup>C and δ<sup>15</sup>N of the sedimentary recordDrew, S; Flett, I; Wilson, J; Heijnis, H; Skilbeck, CG
2016-12-30Sociodemographics of Pet Ownership among Adolescents in Great Britain: Findings from the HBSC Study in England, Scotland, and WalesMarsa-Sambola, F; Williams, J; Muldoon, J; Lawrence, A; Connor, M; Roberts, C; Brooks, F; Currie, C
2015-04-07Intersemiotic Complementarity in Legal Cartoons: An Ideational Multimodal AnalysisRoyce, TD
2014-01-01Supporting traceability through affinity miningGervasi, V; Zowghi, D
2015Associations between adolescents’ experience of general practitioners and health outcomes in England: a cross-sectional study of national dataBrooks, FM
2014-01-01Supportive communication with parents moderates the negative effects of electronic media use on life satisfaction during adolescenceBoniel-Nissim, M; Tabak, I; Mazur, J; Borraccino, A; Brooks, F; Gommans, R; van der Sluijs, W; Zsiros, E; Craig, W; Harel-Fisch, Y; Finne, E
2017-11-01Evaluating the validity of the online multiliteracy assessment toolBuckley-Walker, K; Tognolini, J; Lockyer, L; Brown, I; Caputi, P
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