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2019-01-01Requirements engineering (RE) for social good: RE cares [requirements]Dekhtyar, A; Huffman Hayes, J; Hadar, I; Combs, E; Ferrari, A; Gregory, S; Horkoff, J; Levy, M; Nayebi, M; Paech, B; Payne, J; Primrose, M; Spoletini, P; Clarke, S; Brophy, C; Amyot, D; Maalej, W; Ruhe, G; Cleland-Huang, J; Zowghi, D
2019Identifying epistemic emotions from activity analytics in interactive digital learning environmentsArguel, A; Pachman, M; Lockyer, L
2019-07How do companies organize nascent markets? The BlaBlaCar case in the inter-city shared mobility marketCasprini, E; Di Minin, A; Paraboschi, A
2019-07-01The role of social cues in supporting students to overcome challenges in online multi-stage assignmentsApps, T; Beckman, K; Bennett, S; Dalgarno, B; Kennedy, G; Lockyer, L
2019-11-01Reproduction and transformation of students’ technology practice: The tale of two distinctive secondary student casesBeckman, K; Bennett, S; Lockyer, L
2018-02-01Shoot growth of woody trees and shrubs is predicted by maximum plant height and associated traitsGleason, SM; Stephens, AEA; Tozer, WC; Blackman, CJ; Butler, DW; Chang, Y; Cook, AM; Cooke, J; Laws, CA; Rosell, JA; Stuart, SA; Westoby, M
2019-02-17Seeking optimal confusion: a review on epistemic emotion management in interactive digital learning environmentsArguel, A; Lockyer, L; Kennedy, G; Lodge, JM; Pachman, M
2020Self-regulation in open-ended online assignment tasks: the importance of initial task interpretation and goal settingBeckman, K; Apps, T; Bennett, S; Dalgarno, B; Kennedy, G; Lockyer, L
2021-01‘Are we there yet?’ Australian HR professionals and the Fourth Industrial RevolutionNankervis, A; Connell, J; Cameron, R; Montague, A; Prikshat, V
2018-07-02Run for Your LifeCarr, R
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