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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01A Lightweight Workshop-centric situational approach for the early stages of requirements elicition in software developmentCoulin, CR; Zowghi, D; Sahraoui, A; Ralyte, J; Agerfalk, P; Kraiem, N
2014-01Split Leverage: Attacking the Condentiality of Linked Databases by PartitioningRai, T; Hall, JL
2018-10-31Prescribing, Aspiring, Empowering and Hedging: How Australia’s state governments legislate community engagement at the local government levelChristensen, HE
2019-01-01Towards the development of artificial bone grafts: Combining synthetic biomineralisation with 3D printingKurian, M; Stevens, R; McGrath, KM
2019-01-22The Very Early Rehabilitation in Speech (VERSE) after stroke trial: an international 3-arm clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of early, intensive, prescribed, direct aphasia therapyGodecke, E; Armstrong, E; Rai, T; Cadilhac, D; Middleton, S; Ciccone, N; Rose, M; Whitworth, A; Ellery, F; Holland, A; Hankey, G; Bernhadt, J
2013-09-17Data Analysis of Cobalt and Chromium Ion Levels in Arthroplasty PatientsRai, T
2016-12-02Managing Requirements Change the Informal Way: When Saying 'No' is Not an OptionHussain, W; Zowghi, D; Clear, T; MacDonell, S; Blincoe, K
2017-08-22Therapy fidelity and trial progress in the Very Early Rehabilitation in SpEech (VERSE) trialGodecke, E; Armstrong, E; Middleton, S; Ciccone, N; Rai, T; Holland, A; Whitworth, A; Rose, M; Ellery, F; Cadilhac, D; Hankey, G; Bernhardt, J
2011-03-31Mining requirements linksGervasi, V; Zowghi, D
2017-01-01Sidechain engineering in anthracene derivatives: Towards photofunctional liquid crystalsVan Den Kerkhof, LC; Allan, KM; McGrath, KM; Spencer, JL; Hodgkiss, JM
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