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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01Social capital from online discussion forums: Differences between online and blended modes of deliveryCarceller, C; Dawson, S; Lockyer, L
2003-01Band sturctures of the group I and group II oxides: using EMS measurements as a test of theoretical modelsMikajlo, EA; Sashin, VA; Nixon, KL; Soule, DBBJ; Dorsett, HE; Ford, M; Cashion, J; Finlayson, T; Paganin, D; Smith, A; Troup, G
2019-11The ‘balancing acts’ of building positive relationships with students: Secondary school teachers' perspectives in England and SpainGarcía-Moya, I; Moreno, C; Brooks, FM
2005-01-01The negotiator and the bomber: Analyzing the critical role of active listening in crisis negotiationsRoyce, T
2014Do holistic human resource management practices make a difference to fly-in fly-out workers’ job quality? An exploratory investigationConnell, J; Burgess, J; others
2007-01Agreeing to superviseTennant, MC; Roberts, S; Denholm, C; Evans, T
2009-01-01Critical incidents: Staging and process in crisis negotiations<sup>1</sup>Royce, T
2008-12-15Compton scattering study of electron momentum distribution in lithium fluoride using 662 keV gamma radiationsVijayakumar, R; Shivaramu; Ramamurthy, N; Ford, MJ
2003-01-01An insight into the interplay between culture, conflict and distance in globally distributed requirements negotiationsDamian, DE; Zowghi, D
2001-01Field studies of requirements engineering in a multi-site software development organization: research in progressZowghi, D; Damian, DE; Offen, R; Publisher
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