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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Characteristics And Practices Of Birth Centres In AustraliaLaws, P; Lim, C; Tracy, S; Sullivan, E
1-Jul-2006The Application of Niven's Balanced Scorecard in a Not-For-Profit Organization in Hong Kong: What Are the Factors for Success?Kwokwah Yeung, A; Connell, J
1-May-2005Holocene millennial/centennial-scale multiproxy cyclicity in temperate eastern Australian estuary sedimentsSkilbeck, CG; Rolph, TC; Hill, N; Woods, J; Wilkens, RH
25-Oct-2007Ab initio molecular dynamical investigation of the finite temperature behavior of the tetrahedral Au<inf>19</inf> and Au<inf>20</inf> clustersKrishnamurty, S; Shafai, GS; Kanhere, DG; De Bas, BS; Ford, MJ
1-Aug-2006Measuring the electronic structure of disordered overlayers by electron momentum spectroscopy: The Cu/Si interfaceNixon, KL; Vos, M; Bewles, C; Ford, MJ
1-Jun-2005Compton profile of polycrystalline sodium chloride and sodium fluorideVijayakumar, R; Shivaramu; Rajasekaran, L; Ramamurthy, N; Ford, MJ
15-Dec-2008Compton scattering study of electron momentum distribution in lithium fluoride using 662 keV gamma radiationsVijayakumar, R; Shivaramu; Ramamurthy, N; Ford, MJ
1-Jan-2005The Temporary Agency Work Sector in Australia and Ireland: Modest, Growing and Under-RecordedBurgess, J; Connell, J; Green, R
1-Jan-2009Critical incidents: Staging and process in crisis negotiations<sup>1</sup>Royce, T
1-Jan-2005The negotiator and the bomber: Analyzing the critical role of active listening in crisis negotiationsRoyce, T
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