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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2017The process of designing for learning: understanding university teachers’ design workBennett, S; Agostinho, S; Lockyer, L
29-Jan-2017Geology and Sedimentary History of Modern EstuariesSkilbeck, CG; Heap, AD; Woodroffe, CD; Weckstrom, K; Saunders, KM; Gell, PA; Skilbeck, CG
29-Jan-2017Introduction to the Application of Paleoecological Techniques in estuariesTaffs, KH; Weckstrom, K; Saunders, KM; Gell, PG; Skilbeck, CG; Weckstrom, K; Saunders, KM; Gell, PA; Skilbeck, CG
29-Sep-2017Behavior-driven requirements traceability via automated acceptance testsLucassen, G; Dalpiaz, F; Van Der Werf, JMEM; Brinkkemper, S; Zowghi, D
22-Sep-2017Panel: Context-Dependent Evaluation of Tools for NL RE Tasks: Recall vs. Precision, and beyondBerry, DM; Cleland-Huang, J; Ferrari, A; Maalej, W; Mylopoulos, J; Zowghi, D
1-Jul-2017Self-harm in adolescence: protective health assets in the family, school and communityKlemera, E; Brooks, FM; Chester, KL; Magnusson, J; Spencer, N
2017pandas are the best peopleMcSmith, SA; Misso, G
1-Jul-2017Inside Out: Detecting Learners' Confusion to Improve Interactive Digital Learning EnvironmentsArguel, A; Lockyer, L; Lipp, OV; Lodge, JM; Kennedy, G
1-Nov-2017Evaluating the validity of the online multiliteracy assessment toolBuckley-Walker, K; Tognolini, J; Lockyer, L; Brown, I; Caputi, P
May-2017Progress and inequities in maternal mortality in Afghanistan (RAMOS-II): a retrospective observational studyBartlett, L; LeFevre, A; Zimmerman, L; Saeedzai, SA; Turkmani, S; Zabih, W; Tappis, H; Becker, S; Winch, P; Koblinsky, M; Rahmanzai, AJ
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