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2023-10-11Extra-curricular support for entrepreneurship among engineering students: development of entrepreneurial self-efficacy and intentionsSubhadrammal, D; Bliemel, M; Bressan, A; de Burgh-Woodman, H
2023-09-30Communication practices in Vietnamese non-government organisations as civic actionsPham, L
2023-04-01Departmental academic support for doctoral students in Russia: Categorisation and effectsZhuchkova, S; Terentev, E; Saniyazova, A; Bekova, S
2023-01-01Is Doctoral Education Not for Everyone? How the University Reforms Led to Centralization of Doctoral Programs in the Leading UniversitiesZhuchkova, S; Bekova, S
2023Building a strong foundation: How pre-doctorate experience shapes doctoral student outcomes.Zhuchkova, S; Bekova, S; González Brambila, CN
2023-12-01Toxic comments are associated with reduced activity of volunteer editors on WikipediaSmirnov, I; Oprea, C; Strohmaier, M; Ognyanova, K
2023-02-17The right to audit and power asymmetries in algorithm auditingUrman, A; Smirnov, I; Lasser, J
2023-09-01500-year reconstruction of Dez River discharge in southwestern Iran from tree ringsSharifazari, S; Palmer, JG; Higgins, PA; Rao, MP; Johnson, F; Turney, CSM; Martín-Benito, D; Andersen, MS
2023-01-01Consensus-based dispatch optimization of a microgrid considering meta-heuristic-based demand response scheduling and network packet loss characterizationJasim, AM; Jasim, BH; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC
2023-03-27Co-Optimization of the Sizing and Dispatch of Microgrids Considering Vehicle-to-Grid and ArbitrageMohseni, S; Brent, AC
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