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2021-08-15Distal ash fall from the mid-Holocene eruption of Mount Hudson (H2) discovered in the Falkland Islands: New possibilities for Southern Hemisphere archive synchronisationPanaretos, P; Albert, PG; Thomas, ZA; Turney, CSM; Stern, CR; Jones, G; Williams, AN; Smith, VC; Hogg, AG; Manning, CJ
2020-04-01Tipping elements and amplified polar warming during the Last InterglacialThomas, ZA; Jones, RT; Turney, CSM; Golledge, N; Fogwill, C; Bradshaw, CJA; Menviel, L; McKay, NP; Bird, M; Palmer, J; Kershaw, P; Wilmshurst, J; Muscheler, R
2016-12-01Changes in El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) conditions during the Greenland Stadial 1 (GS-1) chronozone revealed by New Zealand tree-ringsPalmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Cook, ER; Fenwick, P; Thomas, Z; Helle, G; Jones, R; Clement, A; Hogg, A; Southon, J; Bronk Ramsey, C; Staff, R; Muscheler, R; Corrège, T; Hua, Q
2016-02-15Palaeoecological signatures of vegetation change induced by herbivory regime shifts on subantarctic Enderby IslandWood, JR; Wilmshurst, JM; Turney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ
2018-07-15Millennial-scale variability in south-east Australian hydroclimate between 30,000 and 10,000 years agoFalster, G; Tyler, J; Grant, K; Tibby, J; Turney, C; Löhr, S; Jacobsen, G; Kershaw, AP
2018-02-15Sea-level change and demography during the last glacial termination and early Holocene across the Australian continentWilliams, AN; Ulm, S; Sapienza, T; Lewis, S; Turney, CSM
2017-03-01Reconstructing atmospheric circulation over southern New Zealand: Establishment of modern westerly airflow 5500 years ago and implications for Southern Hemisphere Holocene climate changeTurney, CSM; Wilmshurst, JM; Jones, RT; Wood, JR; Palmer, JG; Hogg, AG; Fenwick, P; Crowley, SF; Privat, K; Thomas, Z
2018-03-01The scientific value and potential of New Zealand swamp kauriLorrey, AM; Boswijk, G; Hogg, A; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Fowler, AM; Ogden, J; Woolley, JM
2016-07-15Evidence for extreme floods in arid subtropical northwest Australia during the Little Ice Age chronozone (CE 1400-1850)Rouillard, A; Skrzypek, G; Turney, C; Dogramaci, S; Hua, Q; Zawadzki, A; Reeves, J; Greenwood, P; O'Donnell, AJ; Grierson, PF
2016-04-01High-precision dating and correlation of ice, marine and terrestrial sequences spanning Heinrich Event 3: Testing mechanisms of interhemispheric change using New Zealand ancient kauri (Agathis australis)Turney, CSM; Palmer, J; Bronk Ramsey, C; Adolphi, F; Muscheler, R; Hughen, KA; Staff, RA; Jones, RT; Thomas, ZA; Fogwill, CJ; Hogg, A
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