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2022-10-14Millennial variability of terrigenous transport to the central-southern Peruvian margin during the last deglaciation (18-13 kyr BP)Yseki, M; Turcq, B; Caquineau, S; Salvatteci, R; Solis, J; Skilbeck, CG; Velazco, F; Gutiérrez, D
2016-02-03A 250-year periodicity in Southern Hemisphere westerly winds over the last 2600 yearsTurney, CSM; Jones, RT; Fogwill, C; Hatton, J; Williams, AN; Hogg, A; Thomas, ZA; Palmer, J; Mooney, S; Reimer, RW
2018-11-20Connecting the Greenland ice-core and U/Th timescales via cosmogenic radionuclides: Testing the synchroneity of Dansgaard-Oeschger eventsAdolphi, F; Bronk Ramsey, C; Erhardt, T; Lawrence Edwards, R; Cheng, H; Turney, CSM; Cooper, A; Svensson, A; Rasmussen, SO; Fischer, H; Muscheler, R
2018-11-13Evidence for increased expression of the Amundsen Sea Low over the South Atlantic during the late HoloceneThomas, ZA; Jones, RT; Fogwill, CJ; Hatton, J; Williams, AN; Hogg, A; Mooney, S; Jones, P; Lister, D; Mayewski, P; Turney, CSM
2018-05-03Technical note: Open-paleo-data implementation pilot - The PAGES 2k special issueKaufman, DS; Abram, NJ; Evans, MN; Francus, P; Goosse, H; Linderholm, HW; Loutre, MF; Martrat, B; McGregor, HV; Neukom, R; George, SS; Turney, C; Von Gunten, L
2017-03-15Tropical forcing of increased Southern Ocean climate variability revealed by a 140-year subantarctic temperature reconstructionTurney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ; Palmer, JG; Van Sebille, E; Thomas, Z; McGlone, M; Richardson, S; Wilmshurst, JM; Fenwick, P; Zunz, V; Goosse, H; Wilson, KJ; Carter, L; Lipson, M; Jones, RT; Harsch, M; Clark, G; Marzinelli, E; Rogers, T; Rainsley, E; Ciasto, L; Waterman, S; Thomas, ER; Visbeck, M
2019-02-28Technical note: Optimizing the utility of combined GPR, OSL, and Lidar (GOaL) to extract paleoenvironmental records and decipher shoreline evolutionDougherty, AJ; Choi, JH; Turney, CSM; Dosseto, A
2022-05-24Do Southern Hemisphere tree rings record past volcanic events? A case study from New ZealandHiggins, PA; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Andersen, MS; Johnson, F
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