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2015-11-30Evaluating the Liverpool Care Pathway for care of the terminally ill in rural AustraliaWilkinson, AM; Johnson, CE; Walker, H; Colgan, V; Arnet, H; Rai, T
2021-09-28Healing Right Way: study protocol for a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial to enhance rehabilitation services and improve quality of life in Aboriginal Australians after brain injury.Armstrong, E; Coffin, J; Hersh, D; Katzenellenbogen, JM; Thompson, S; Flicker, L; McAllister, M; Cadilhac, DA; Rai, T; Godecke, E; Hayward, C; Hankey, GJ; Drew, N; Lin, I; Woods, D; Ciccone, N
2019Redating the earliest evidence of the mid-Holocene relative sea-level highstand in Australia and implications for global sea-level rise.Dougherty, AJ; Thomas, ZA; Fogwill, C; Hogg, A; Palmer, J; Rainsley, E; Williams, AN; Ulm, S; Rogers, K; Jones, BG; Turney, C
2016-01-29Climate change not to blame for late Quaternary megafauna extinctions in Australia.Saltré, F; Rodríguez-Rey, M; Brook, BW; Johnson, CN; Turney, CSM; Alroy, J; Cooper, A; Beeton, N; Bird, MI; Fordham, DA; Gillespie, R; Herrando-Pérez, S; Jacobs, Z; Miller, GH; Nogués-Bravo, D; Prideaux, GJ; Roberts, RG; Bradshaw, CJA
2016-02-10What caused extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna of Sahul?Johnson, CN; Alroy, J; Beeton, NJ; Bird, MI; Brook, BW; Cooper, A; Gillespie, R; Herrando-Pérez, S; Jacobs, Z; Miller, GH; Prideaux, GJ; Roberts, RG; Rodríguez-Rey, M; Saltré, F; Turney, CSM; Bradshaw, CJA
2017-01-20Humans rather than climate the primary cause of Pleistocene megafaunal extinction in Australia.van der Kaars, S; Miller, GH; Turney, CSM; Cook, EJ; Nürnberg, D; Schönfeld, J; Kershaw, AP; Lehman, SJ
2017-04-13Aboriginal mitogenomes reveal 50,000 years of regionalism in Australia.Tobler, R; Rohrlach, A; Soubrier, J; Bover, P; Llamas, B; Tuke, J; Bean, N; Abdullah-Highfold, A; Agius, S; O'Donoghue, A; O'Loughlin, I; Sutton, P; Zilio, F; Walshe, K; Williams, AN; Turney, CSM; Williams, M; Richards, SM; Mitchell, RJ; Kowal, E; Stephen, JR; Williams, L; Haak, W; Cooper, A
2022-01-01Late Holocene climate anomaly concurrent with fire activity and ecosystem shifts in the eastern Australian Highlands.Thomas, ZA; Mooney, S; Cadd, H; Baker, A; Turney, C; Schneider, L; Hogg, A; Haberle, S; Green, K; Weyrich, LS; Pérez, V; Moore, NE; Zawadzki, A; Kelloway, SJ; Khan, SJ
2006-12Conflicts of interest in divisions of general practice.Palmer, N; Braunack-Mayer, A; Rogers, W; Provis, C; Cullity, G
2016-01-01A randomized controlled trial of very early rehabilitation in speech after strokeGodecke, E; Armstrong, EA; Rai, T; Middleton, S; Ciccone, N; Whitworth, A; Rose, M; Holland, A; Ellery, F; Hankey, GJ; Cadilhac, DA; Bernhardt, J
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