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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-28Kauri Tree-Ring Stable Isotopes Reveal a Centennial Climate Downturn Following the Antarctic Cold Reversal in New ZealandPauly, M; Turney, CSM; Palmer, JG; Büntgen, U; Brauer, A; Helle, G
2020-09-16One Thousand Three Hundred Years of Variability in the Position of the South Pacific Convergence ZoneHiggins, PA; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Andersen, MS; Cook, ER
2020-07-01Southern Ocean carbon sink enhanced by sea-ice feedbacks at the Antarctic Cold ReversalFogwill, CJ; Turney, CSM; Menviel, L; Baker, A; Weber, ME; Ellis, B; Thomas, ZA; Golledge, NR; Etheridge, D; Rubino, M; Thornton, DP; van Ommen, TD; Moy, AD; Curran, MAJ; Davies, S; Bird, MI; Munksgaard, NC; Rootes, CM; Millman, H; Vohra, J; Rivera, A; Mackintosh, A; Pike, J; Hall, IR; Bagshaw, EA; Rainsley, E; Bronk-Ramsey, C; Montenari, M; Cage, AG; Harris, MRP; Jones, R; Power, A; Love, J; Young, J; Weyrich, LS; Cooper, A
2016-09-30Impacts of marine instability across the East Antarctic Ice Sheet on Southern Ocean dynamicsPhipps, SJ; Fogwill, CJ; Turney, CSM
2016-02-01Multidecadal variations in Southern Hemisphere atmospheric <sup>14</sup>C: Evidence against a Southern Ocean sink at the end of the Little Ice Age CO<inf>2</inf> anomalyTurney, CSM; Palmer, J; Hogg, A; Fogwill, CJ; Jones, RT; Bronk Ramsey, C; Fenwick, P; Grierson, P; Wilmshurst, J; O'Donnell, A; Thomas, ZA; Lipson, M
2016-03-16Assessing the continuity of the blue ice climate record at Patriot Hills, Horseshoe Valley, West AntarcticaWinter, K; Woodward, J; Dunning, SA; Turney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ; Hein, AS; Golledge, NR; Bingham, RG; Marrero, SM; Sugden, DE; Ross, N
2016-06-09Anomalous mid-twentieth century atmospheric circulation change over the South Atlantic compared to the last 6000 yearsTurney, CSM; Jones, RT; Lister, D; Jones, P; Williams, AN; Hogg, A; Thomas, ZA; Compo, GP; Yin, X; Fogwill, CJ; Palmer, J; Colwell, S; Allan, R; Visbeck, M
2018-02-01Potential for tree rings to reveal spatial patterns of past drought variability across western AustraliaO'Donnell, AJ; Cook, ER; Palmer, JG; Turney, CSM; Grierson, PF
2018-03-01A new daily observational record from Grytviken, South Georgia: Exploring twentieth-century extremes in the South AtlanticThomas, Z; Turney, C; Allan, R; Colwell, S; Kelly, G; Lister, D; Jones, P; Beswick, M; Alexander, L; Lippmann, T; Herold, N; Jones, R
2021-09-16Retreat of the Antarctic Ice Sheet During the Last Interglaciation and Implications for Future ChangeGolledge, NR; Clark, PU; He, F; Dutton, A; Turney, CSM; Fogwill, CJ; Naish, TR; Levy, RH; McKay, RM; Lowry, DP; Bertler, NAN; Dunbar, GB; Carlson, AE
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