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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-04-01Introduction: Call centres, the networked economy and the value chainRainnie, A; Barrett, R; Burgess, J; Connell, J
2013-01-01Markers of circulating tumour cells in the peripheral blood of patients with melanoma correlate with disease recurrence and progressionReid, AL; Millward, M; Pearce, R; Lee, M; Frank, MH; Ireland, A; Monshizadeh, L; Rai, T; Heenan, P; Medic, S; Kumarasinghe, P; Ziman, M
2017-11-01Association Between Experiencing Relational Bullying and Adolescent Health-Related Quality of LifeChester, KL; Spencer, NH; Whiting, L; Brooks, FM
2013-03-01Knowledge integration and competitiveness: A longitudinal study of an industry clusterConnell, J; Voola, R
2010-02-01Transformative learning in the context of suicide bereavementSands, D; Tennant, M
2015-09-01Establishing large scale therapy fidelity processes inthe Very Early Rehabilitation in SpEech (VERSE) clinical trial: Lessons learnedGodecke, E; Armstrong, E; Ciccone, N; Middleton, S; Rai, T; Cadilhac, D; Rose, M; Whitworth, A; Holland, A; Hankey, G; Ellery, F; Bernhardt, J
2014-07Very Early Rehabilitation in SpEech (VERSE): Progress reportGodecke, E; Armstrong, E; Middleton, S; Rai, T; Holland, AE; Cadilhac, D; Whitworth, A; Rose, M; Ciccone, N; Hankey, G; Bernhardt, J
2014-01Split Leverage: Attacking the Condentiality of Linked Databases by PartitioningRai, T; Hall, JL
2018-10-31Prescribing, Aspiring, Empowering and Hedging: How Australia’s state governments legislate community engagement at the local government levelChristensen, HE
2014-01-01Skills and the role of HRM: Towards a research agenda for the Asia Pacific regionConnell, J; Stanton, P
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